Jensen Interceptor Series II

Jensen Interceptor Series II 1970 for sale

The Jensen Interceptor is a cool thing! Even though it is from the 70's, it is still easy to use in today’s environment. In the city you have power steering, automatic gearbox and lots of glass so you can easily see what is going on around you. When you come out on the open road or even a highway, you have loads of power and very comfortable seats so that you can be cruising on Autobahn for hours or as long as your gasoline lasts. If your major concern is how expensive gasoline is and how much this car consumes, then you should turn back right now and look for another car. The MK 2 model was produced between 1969-1971 and there were 1128 cars produced.

Exterior: Very good red paint with no corrosion anywhere. The car was painted in 2011 after it had received rust repairs of the body. It is no secret that Jensen cars had some major problems with rust. This car has no rust however! All glass in good condition, most of the rubber is also very good. Chrome is nice except for the rear bumper that is waiting to get rechromed. In these pictures, it is rolling on a set of series 3 aluminium wheels, but the original chromed steel wheels also come with the car and they are in great condition. Almost new Pirelli tires.

Interior: Red leather with lots of patina. All gauges are in working order. Nice panels, carpets and good heat.

Engine: Starts right up and gives a healthy roar. Series II cars had the more powerful 383 Magnum engines giving you 330hp together with the 3-speed automatic Torqueflite gearbox. There is plenty of receipts for oils service along as well as other maintenance work done. Just completed from the workshop (April 23rd) New radiator, temperature sending unit, new radiator caps, spark plugs and leads, oil and filter in the engine and the gearbox. New steering rack.

History: The owner’s history of the car is fully documented and the car came to Sweden already in 1977 by a Brit. After that it spent most of its time in the hands of Jensen club owners including the president of the Swedish Jensen club for a few years. The last owner had the car since 2004 until last year when I bought it. 

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