Porsche 911S Targa

Porsche 911S Targa 1969 for sale

The Porsche 911S models started in the fall of 1966 with a 2l engine that gave 170hp, in late 1969 the volume of the engine increased to 2,2 and 180hp and later again in 1971 to 2,4l and 190hp. The 911S was the “top of the line” model until Carrera came in 1973.

Exterior: This car gets a lot of road presence in its bright red color and classic lines. Nice and shiny paint with no corrosion to be seen. Exterior details such as handles, grills, lights etc. are all in good condition. (Headlights are new.)

Interior: Seats, carpets, dashboard etc. are all in good condition. All instruments have normal functions. Original speedometer still from USA with miles.

Engine: The engine has been out of the car recently and was completely detailed and checked. At this time, also the clutch was replaced and all service parts such as ignition cables, spark plugs, fluids were replaced. Also, the gearbox was checked and some seals were replaced.

History: Came from USA to Sweden in 2010. Original owner’s manual and service dealer book are with the car. Some documentation of maintenance in USA is along as well.

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  • This car is now: SOLD
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