Jaguar E-type Coupe

Jaguar E-type Coupe series 2 1970 for sale

This car is in an excellent condition! A restoration was done back in 1988/89 and it is still looking very good! We have recently put a new exhaust system on it, new oil and filter and we make sure it runs on every dry day.

The paint is very close to perfect and all chrome is excellent.  Great panel fit and the cinnamon interior looks stunning.

The engine has a triple weber setup and it gives the car very good and solid power. It was dyno tested last year to 238 real horsepower! Not bad for a 1970 car! If you would prefer original setup, it can be changed.

Which series of Jaguar E-type should you buy?

Since man started collecting cars, there has always been the debate about which model is the best. From the looks, I do think everyone will agree with me that the early cars from 1961-1964 are the best looking given their covered headlights, aluminum dashboard, trick switches and low bucket seats.

The downside with these cars would be that those beautiful seats have incredibly limited seating positions, the Moss gearbox could be like whipping cream for your strawberries in the summer. Furthermore, the narrow rims and tires do not give you much handling when it comes to cornering.

So what is better for you? The series 2 cars in which you can sit properly even if you slightly above normal length. The gearbox is like a modern car and the 4,2l engine which gives you lots of torque, so that even your wife can drive a classic sports car. (That is if you let her!) And a series 2 car will cost you 20-30% less to buy than a series 1 in the same condition. And if you want to go really cheap you buy a 2+2, but then you do not look so stylish anymore. (Just my personal opinion.)

The condition of this is superb and if you come and see it, and even better if you drive it, you will not be disappointed. I like cars where you get a lot for your money, and this is one of them!

 It is a matching numbers car that comes with Jaguar Heritage certificate. 

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