Mercedes 170 S W136

For sale: Mercedes 170 S W136

This wonderful Mercedes Benz 170 S W136 has had a full restoration and hardly been used since. In my opinion, it is rare to see a restoration done by a private person reach this level. The paint is flawless and has a very nice depth to it. All body panels fit the car perfectly and doors, hood, trunk etc. shut nicely.

The interior was done by professionals and the wonderful leather is in burgundy with a contrasting cream carpet. New headliner and all rubber parts have been replaced.

This Mercedes 170 S is boasting with an original radio from Blaupunkt. This is not working today but looks amazing and could most likely be repaired or rebuilt to modern standard in the back.

Everything on this car (except the radio) works the way it should.

The engine (52hp) is claimed to be rebuilt in the same period as the rest of the car and has since been driven about 10,000km. We lack invoices for this but can verify that the car sounds and runs very nice. The engine bay is fully detailed and matches the rest of the car’s great appearance.

It has the original signal lights that comes out on the side of the car and they work as well. The it has aditional signal lights in classic style on the bumpers to make sure the younger generation of drivers understand where you are going. This is also a requirement in some countries in Europe.

The car came out from the very north part of Sweden and has spent all its life there. Cars from this region are usually in the best condition since they have never been exposed to any salted roads. The long winter is very cold and keeps the snow dry and this is not harmful to a car and it also keeps all rubber parts intact.

There were a total of 28,000 Mercedes 170 S produced between the years 1949-1951. It is impossible to say how many of those are still around today, but I am sure not many of them are in this exceptional condition.


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