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To good to be true!

If it looks too good to be true, it is!

If you have a classic car, it is not very likely it will be stolen. A classic car is very easy to recognize and remember driving down the street. And when a thief is trying to sell your classic car, it is a very big risk that somebody will recognize it.

So instead the crooks have moved inside the cyber world. When you put your car up for sale these days, you receive many strange e-mails and text messages on your phone.

Most of them are very easy to detect since they simply ask some very stupid questions. The first one being if the car is still for sale even though your advertisement was posted 3 min ago! Then it could be you get a text message to write an e-mail to somebody claiming to be very interested in your car.

If you suspect that you have received a scam e-mail when advertising a car for sale just delete it and forget about it. You do not want to intimidate this kind of people.

A few years back I had a Bentley R-Type for sale and a man said he wanted to buy it. He sent me a check and told me to send the car. I took the check to the bank and asked them to ensure me it was authentic. They said yes, we can cash the check, but it could take up to 3 weeks until we are 100% sure.

The buyer wanted me to send the car since I now have cashed his check and the money was on my account. But two weeks later the bank called and said this was a stolen check! The buyer wanted his money back and he was furious and threatened me and my family in many e-mails. I have since received several checks but always just send them back and tell the customer we do not accept checks as a payment.

When you buy a car you should always make sure you get a proper receipt from the seller.

A friend of mine was standing at a show in Italy having one of his cars for sale when a man walked up and claimed it was his car he was trying to sell and that it had been stolen from his house some time ago. The police came and confiscated the car and my friend had to go home to get all documents proving the he had imported this car from America and he was the rightful owner of the car. It was a costly battle in court for him to get his car back.

Use your common sense when searching for the classic car of your dreams on the internet. And when something seems too good to be true. It usually is!

The advertisment above from Blocket says that his gradfather has passed away and he is now selling the his car a 1949 VW Beetle. He says the car was valued to about 600€! I cannot think of any drivable car from 1949 that you can buy for this money and certainly not a VW looking anything like the one on the picture. Interestingly, if you do a google picture search for VW 1949, you will find this very same picture in the first row.

Email from a trusted source

Sometimes I get an e-mail from the website where I advertised a car stating that they have overcharged my credit card and I should click the attached link to claim my refund. Please understand that Microsoft, your bank, eBay will NOT send you an e-mail like this. It just a way to get to your credit card information. 

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Lunedì, 12 Dicembre 2011 09:53

Alfa Romeo Montreal 1972

Alfa Romeo Montreal 1972 for sale

 The Alfa Romeo Montreal is a very nice GT car. This one is in very good condition and ready to drive anywhere. There is absolutely no rust on the car and the paint is fabulous. Great power and sound from the engine. A lot of money has been spent here recentl and there is many reciepts to show. Last year was work carried out exceding 10.000€. Very original and unmolested car. It is very well documented and all the documents from technical controll that we have every year hear in Sweden have been saved. This makes it easy to track the km driven and it has just turned over 100.000km

The Alfa Romeo Montreal have the looks, sound and power of many much more expencive classic cars such as Maserati and Ferrari during this time period.

We are located very close to Copenhagen airport and there are many economy flights going here. We would be happy to pick you up if you are coming to see a classic car from us. If you plan to drive home we are only 15 min away from the ferry to Germany.


Alfa Rome Montreal 1972 zu verkaufen

Der Alfa Romeo Montreal war ein sportlich-elegantes Sportcoupé, das von 1970 bis 1977 gebaut wurde. Als Designstudie von Marcello Gandini (Chefdesigner bei Bertone) wurde das Auto 1967 auf der Weltausstellung Expo 67 in Montréal erstmals vorgestellt. Aus dem Ausstellungsort resultierte auch der Name des Fahrzeugs.

Das äußere Erscheinungsbild fand sofort das Interesse der Fachwelt, so dass man sich bei Alfa Romeo für eine Serienherstellung entschied. Auffallend waren die Klappscheinwerfer, die untypisch nicht versenkt waren, sondern von einer beweglichen Abdeckung, die nach unten herunterklappte, nur teilweise verdeckt wurden.

Die Technik stammte von dem im Rennsport eingesetzten Alfa Romeo Tipo 33, sie wurde allerdings für die geforderte Alltagstauglichkeit abgeändert. Der Montreal erhielt erstmals bei Alfa Romeo einen Serien-V8-Motor mit 2,6 Litern Hubraum. Weitere technische Merkmale waren eine mechanische Spica-Saugrohreinspritzung und vier obenliegende Nockenwellen. Das Fahrzeug übernahm von der für einen Mittelmotor vorgesehenen Designstudie die seitlichen Lüftungsschlitze, war aber nie für einen Mittelmotor-Antrieb, sondern von vornherein für einen Frontmotor und konventionellen Heckantrieb ausgelegt. Die Leistung betrug 147 kW (200 PS) bei 6.500/min. Die Fahrwerksauslegung war relativ komfortabel, da sie aus Kosten- und Zeitgründen von der damals aktuellen Serie 105 Limousine/Sportcoupe (Giulia, GTJ und GTV) übernommen wurde. Die Innenausstattung war für damaligen Verhältnisse sehr umfassend. Trotz der rennsportlichen Herkunft des Motors erlangte der Montreal im Automobilsport aufgrund des eher simplen Fahrwerks keine Bedeutung.

Der Neuwagen wurde in Deutschland zu einem Listenpreis ohne Zubehör von 35.000 DM angeboten (Stand 1975). Die Energiekrise zu Beginn der 1970er Jahre erschwerte allerdings den kommerziellen Erfolg des Montreal, da er einen recht hohen Benzinverbrauch hatte. Anders als bei vielen anderen Alfa-Typen aus den 1970er Jahren wurde beim Montreal eine wesentlich bessere Rostvorsorge betrieben, so dass bis heute noch zahlreiche Montreals zur Freude der Besitzer in einem fahrbereiten oder gar gut gepflegten Zustand sind.

Der Montreal wurde bis 1977 verkauft. Insgesamt wurden nur 3917 Fahrzeuge produziert, andere Quellen nennen auch 3925 Stück.

Dieses Auto befindet sich im Sueden von Schweden, nur 30 Minuten vom Flughafen Kopenhagen entfernt. Wenn Sie Interesse haben sich das Fahrzeug anzuschauen, können wir Sie auch
gerne vom Flughafen abholen. Wenn Sie das Auto kaufen möchten, können Sie es nach Hause fahren oder wir könnten auch einen Transport fuer Sie organisieren.
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Triumph 2000 Roadster 1950

 This is a rare car today and this one is in great shape. Extra boot in the back for two extra passengers. 4 cyl engine. Very good original condition. RHD.

 Das ist selten Auto heute, und dies ist gut in Form. Extra Boot in den Rücken für zwei weitere Passagiere. 4 Zyl Motor. Sehr guter Originalzustand. RHD.

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