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Domenica, 02 Febbraio 2020 19:42

Corvette C5 Targa

Chevrolet Corvette C5 Targa 1999 for sale

Exterior: This Corvette C5 is spotless! Still in first paint. Very nice chrome wheels fitted with good tyres. The original wheels are also available if these are preferred. In these pictures as you can see, it has a tinted glass targa roof. But there is also a white targa roof along with the car packed in the original pouch behind the seats. The ride height of the car is adjustable for your needs and likes. Please note thet this is a European version of the Corvette C5.

Interior: This interior was a special order and the colour is burgundy which makes a very nice contrast with the white car. Most of the cars have a black interior. The inside of the car still looks like brand new!

Engine: The 5.7l V8 gives you 344hp and a very nice driving experience. It is a very relaxing drive until you put the foot down and the car takes off like a rocket. Fitted with a Borla sport exhaust today and the original exhaust is also available.

History: This car was a special order from this one and only customer that owns this car today. He got the car registered here in Sweden on the first of May back in 1999. Over the years it has always been pampered sitting in a heated garage in its pyjamas in good company and only driven on nice sunny days. It has been serviced with a Corvette specialist over the years. It comes with full documentation and the total travel of just over 40,000km from new! I think you have to look a very long time to find a Corvette C5 in this stunning condition. This is a lot of sportscar for your money!


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Lunedì, 15 Luglio 2019 05:05

Cadillac Series 62 Convertible 1957

For sale: Cadillac Deville Convertible 1957 in fully restored condition

Exterior: It is a jaw dropping experience to see this car, even somebody like me that have seen a lot of classic cars in my life. It is so big, the colours are so striking, the chrome and the design is just incredible. The body is super straight, and the quality of the paintwork is one of the best I have seen. The car has had a full restoration, so I am not going to list all the things that are new. Since just about every screw on this car has been replaced or put back to condition like new. Soft top is operated with a switch and there is matching convertible cover. As you can see it is riding on brand new chrome spoke wheels and there is also a set of original steel rims with diagonal tyres and correct hubcaps.

Interior: Everything inside the car is complete new and made to the specifications it had when it left the factory in 1957. All gauges, power windows etc works the way it should. There is a big comfortable sofa up front that can be moved in all directions with a simple touch on a switch.

Engine: The engine was completely in pieces and built back up again with new parts. Also, the automatic gearbox has been rebuilt. Everything runs perfect and the power is amazing for such a big car from this era is incredible. Please note all parts also around the engine, such as carburettor, charging relay, starter etc is also rebuilt or new.

History: The Cadillac Series 62 Convertible came from USA to Sweden in 2012. The owner decided to do a complete restoration of the Cadillac and this was completed in 2017. The restoration is fully documented with pictures all collected in a nice book about this car. If you want to experience what it felt like to buy and drive a new Cadillac Series 62 Convertible in 1957, you now have the chance.

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Martedì, 09 Luglio 2019 04:45

Mercedes 230SL 1966

Mercedes 230 SL W113 Pagoda 1966 for sale

Exterior: Nice dark blue paint, good chrome. Older restoration that is still looking very nice. Dark blue soft top is just a few years old. Rolling on Vredestein classic tyres. Has a nice windschott that was made for a Pagoda. This makes a big difference when driving with the top down. There are not so many cars produced in this very nice dark blue colour. Comes with a dark blue hardtop in good condition. 

Interior: Still in the original M.B. tex and with a new carpet in original loop style fabric. The light grey inside makes a striking contrast to the dark blue exterior. Nice instruments all working. In the back, it has the little jump seat where one person can squeeze in and ride sideways (original Mercedes).

Engine: Looks and runs very nicely. In the car today is an original Mercedes exchange motor, and I cannot say when this was installed (Mercedes austauschmotor). Gearbox and final drive with normal sound and function.

History: This car was sold new in Sweden May 25th, 1966 and has been here in the same region its entire life. First owner had the car until 1984, then second 2001 and then third 2013 until today. It comes with spare parts manual. Swedish Inspection documents to support the km reading.

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Giovedì, 02 Maggio 2019 04:57

Morgan Plus Four

Morgan Plus Four 1953 for sale

Exterior: The old Morgan is the kind of car that puts a smile of everybody’s face when you are out driving. And driving is exactly what you do here in the purest form. Fantastic colour combination with the dark blue towards the brown leather. Paint is in very good condition with some small traces of age. No corrosion to be seen anywhere on the car. Very nice chrome. Comes with a full soft top and side screens, tonau cover and the small convertible frame cover as you see in these pictures. Also with a set of Brookland screens if you are going for the more sporty look. Rolling on Dunlop tyres with good thread.

Interior: Brown leather that probably has been replaced somewhere along the journey. The wooden dashboard has been restored and looks amazing, just like the beige Morgan instruments. And they all work as they should. Original spare wheel and jack are also along with the car.

Engine: Runs and sounds very good! Very nice and clean engine bay. Looks like the engine was out not to long ago, but I have no records of any internal work. Also gearbox and final drive have normal function and sound.

History: Sold new in Sweden in 1953 and stayed with the first owner until 1974. Was through Technical Inspection here in Sweden 2017.

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Mercoledì, 06 Marzo 2019 05:24

Jaguar XK 150 for sale

Jaguar XK 150 OTS 1959 for sale

Exterior: Classic Jaguar colour combination with British racing green exterior and biscuit leather interior. A combination that suits the sleek lines of the XK 150 OTS very well. A very nice looking car with a paint work that is showing just a little bit of age, good rubber and good glass. The soft top is also in good condition if there should come a shower while out driving. Rolling on a set of chrome spoke wheels with good tyres.

Interior: Lots of patina on the original leather that is still very soft and workable. Instruments in very good condition.

Engine: The engine in this car has been upgraded to a 3,8l fitted with a golden head and triple carburettors. It gives the car fantastic power and a staggering performance for a car built in 1959. It starts easily and has a normal sound and good oil pressure.

History: Sold new in U.K and then converted to L.H.D in Sweden. No documentation with the car. 

Domenica, 03 Marzo 2019 12:14

Austin Healey 3000 MK2

Austin Healey 3000 BJ7 MK2 for sale

I have always been a big fan of the Austin Healey cars. Great design and it is perhaps the best sounding classic sports car of all time.

Exterior: As you can see in the pictures, this car is probably more perfect looking today than it was when it left the factory back in 1963. The colour combination makes this car stand out and the shine and depth of the paintwork is superior. Rolling on a new set of chrome spoke wheels with Wredestein tyres. Burgundy soft top and the car comes with a cover for the soft top. When the cover is fitted, the car comes down more than what you see in the pictures here. Since this is the BJ7 model, you have a nice little backseat for the kids. One of the very few European open sports cars that actually has a small back seat. Even the frame itself has been replaced with a brand new frame from Kilmartin in Australia.

Interior: The interior of this car is impeccable; all the leather and carpet work has been done to a very high standard. The instruments were sent off to a specialist in Switzerland and look today like new again. This Austin Healey is using a collapsible steering for your safety as a driver. This is a very expensive upgrade.

The engine had a complete rebuild and has been driven around 20,000km after this, making two rounds back to Austin Healey meetings there. It starts easily today and runs absolutely perfect! The following upgrades have been made. Carburettors upgraded to SU 2”, camshaft is the same as BJ8, the ratio in the final drive has been changed from standard 3,9:1 to 3,5:1, an electric fan has been installed and under the dashboard are two 12V sockets for your GPS or phone.

History: This Austin Healey 3000 MK2 was sold new in America and came to Sweden in 2009. The present owner had it restored with no expenses spared. The work was done by a marque specialist here in Sweden and 1600 hours later it was standing there. The perfect Austin Healey!

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Domenica, 04 Novembre 2018 18:19

Mercedes 230 SL Pagoda

Mercedes 230SL Pagoda for sale

Exterior: The car was repainted in 2015 and it is perfect in every way. Perfect panel fit also. The soft top is the original and looks still very nice. As you can see in the pictures, there is also a hardtop in very good condition. All chrome parts are perfect and properly fitted. Most of the rubber parts have been replaced. It is rolling on new set of Michelin tyres (standard specification). The contrast with the original red interior makes this a truly stunning car!

Interior: Except for some rubber parts the interior is complete original and in amazing condition. All instruments and levers are working as they should, even the light under the heat controls. The original rubber carpets are still in perfect condition.

Engine: The engine in this car is new from Mercedes and has travelled 2,000km in total. When you start it up, it runs very quietly and also gearbox and final drive is without any unwanted noice.

History: Sold new in Sweden in 1965. Was then parked in 1973 until a light restoration was done and completed in 2018.

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Giovedì, 12 Aprile 2018 11:14

Mercedes 190SL 1960

Mercedes 190SL W113 1960 for sale

Exterior: Beautiful bright red (signal rot) paintwork that really stands out with the very nice chrome. A new black soft top with nice stretch. Whitewall tires give this Mercedes 190 SL that classic Hollywood look, and if you do not like them, they can easily be turned so you have normal black tires. This car gets a lot of road presence and it is loved by people in all ages.

Interior: Very nice looking beige leather and correct loop style carpets. It has the small “jump seat” in the back so that a smaller 3rd passenger can ride in the back sideways. Very nice and tidy and only showing some very minor wear.

Engine: Starts right up and feel very happy showing a healthy oil pressure. The gearbox and final drive also have normal function and sound. Well set-up carburettors give it a little better torque than other Mercedes 190 SL cars that I have driven.

History: This lovely Mercedes 190SL was sold new here in Sweden back in 1960 and the first owner kept the car until 1988 and it then changed hands again in 1990 and came to present owner in 2012. 

Lots of documentation from maintenance work done over the years. Also, old inspection documents etc.

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Michael Schiebler

Tel: +46707658904

Martedì, 14 Marzo 2017 20:46

Austin Healey 3000 BT7 MK2

Austin Healey 3000 MK2 1961


Exterior: Very nice light blue metallic paint. Painted spoke wheels with fresh tyres. Has a black soft top with side screens and a tonau cover. No corrosion to be seen anywhere and it looks just as beautiful underneath as it does on top. The entire car was restored between 2002-2004 and it has been used very little since.

Interior: All new very nice leather and carpets. Beautiful instrumentation!

Engine: The engine was rebuilt also in 2004 just like the gearbox and overdrive. Has very good oil pressure and compression. Invoices for the parts are present in the documentation.

History: Owned by a student in Norrahammar Sweden until 1999 when a new owner in Malmö got the car. This owner started a restoration but was not able to complete the work and the car was passed over to a workshop owner in 2002 that completed the restoration in 2004 and the car was back on the road. It has now covered approximately 2000km after the restoration. The Austin Healey 3000 are wonderful cars, but they had a lot of problems with corrosion specially underneath. Considering they have been relatively cheap cars for many years it can be difficult to find a good one. I can assure that this car in a very healthy state and will give many years of trouble free driving.

Mercoledì, 21 Maggio 2014 04:04

Mercedes 170S Cabriolet B W136

For sale: Mercedes 170 S Cabriolet B W136 from 1950

Owner’s history

The first owner was the engineer Kaj W. Olsson, who in 1951 registered the car in his company AB Tryckerimaskiner. He then drove the car for ten years. Since his wife was originally from Stuttgart, they went back there quite often with the car.

During the visits in Stuttgart, he had the car serviced by the Mercedes factory.

In 1960, Olsson-Haux traded the Mercedes with a Saab 92 of Philipsons in Borås. One of the sons described how disappointed they were when their father showed up with the Saab. The reason for the trading was a problem with the Mercedes’ rear axle, which later got restored and the car then got new owners.

The current owner bought the car as an unregistered, but drivable object in run-down condition in 1986. Since the owner also had another ongoing restoration project, the Mercedes had to wait for its turn. However, the car was completed, inspected and re-registered in 1989. The mileage was then 80,613 km and today the meter shows 92,220 km, i.e. after the total restoration, the car has been driven only 11,600 km.


Daimler-Benz: Direktionsbeschluss

Philpson: Import document

SRA: All registration documents

Photos from restoration

Manufacturing data

There were 1,603 MB 170S Cabriolet B cars manufactured in 1949-50. Very few of these survived. It is estimated that perhaps no more than a quarter of the manufactured cars still exist today.

Series B convertible today is far more rare than A-170S Convertible which were manufactured in 838 copies.

The renovation

Owner's ambition was to restore the car to its original condition. Here are the most important works:


The body was lifted off the chassis. The brakes were renovated with new brake cylinders and brake shoes. Wheel bearings changed. New brake lines in copper.

Some of the parts in the front end where zink coated.

The frame where then painted with one layer of special anticorrosion paint and then two component lacquer.

The body

The longitudinal outer beams were replaced. New support plates in aluminum fitted, new front floor.

All of these parts were remanufactured to their original design by Heinz Christahl, Jever.

All parts were carefully sandblasted. New sheet metal was welded into. In particularly complicated places such as door bottoms and rear fenders, the owner let a highly qualified professional perform the work.

The body was grounded with two-component epoxy paint. The finish paint was carried out by Daimler-Benz Dunkelblau. Painting was done on all body panels before installation.

All moldings and bumpers were finished with high-grade chrome plating with copper base.


Total Restoration: Drilling, new Mahle pistons, new bearings, new valves and valve guides. Rebuilding from the camshaft fiber sprocket to the chain as Daimler-Benz recommendation.

New exhaust system in stainless steel.

Central lubrication

Disassembled , all rubber gaskets and defective parts replaced , new wiring in copper.


New wiring harness made according to original drawings.

Improvements for road safety : blinkers built into position lights on the front and also in the taillights. Works with original signal lights .

Convertible Top

Softtop fabric called " Sonnenland " and original headliner purchased from Aresma Company in Hamburg (now Egestorf).  Saddle maker, Axel Andersson in Ystad, carried out the work on building a new canopy from the ground up. The owner had previously seen a similar work that this firm performed for King Carl XVI Gustav on his Mercedes-Benz 290 Cabriolet A, so he decided to have the same saddle maker do the work on this car.

The upholstery in the B Convertible is original.

Original Mercedes-Benz accessories

Becker Solitude Radio

Spare wheel holder

Fan in the heating system

Position lights on the front wings

Bosch fog lights ( yellow )

luggage compartment light

This Mercedes 170S Convertible 

is now in its best possible state for somebody that wants to have a beautiful Mercedes motorcar that is dependable and in a fine condition. All the necessary adjustments that come after a major restoration have been taken care of and it is now a reliable classic car. With comfortable seating and ride for four people, it is the perfect choice for any rally or event. 


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