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Giovedì, 07 Settembre 2017 16:35

Ferrari 308 GTS 1978

Ferrari 308 GTS Carburettor model from 1978 for sale

The Ferrari 308 GTB and GTS came around in 1975 and were manufactured for years. There were many different versions produced and what might surprise many is the first cars were some of the most powerful. The GTB and GTS were designed by Pininfarina, but there was also a 308 GT4 2+2 designed by Bertone sharing the same engine.

Exterior: Stunning perfect red paint and also all black details in perfect condition. All rubber and glass are in very good condition. This is a very clean Ferrari 308 GTS!

Interior: Very nice black leather with red carpets. The little levers for choke, heat etc are so beautiful in these early cars and add the feeling of owning a classic Ferrari. Everything inside the car has a very original feel to it. Original tool bags in the trunk and original spare wheel in the front. In the front also a main power switch with easy access, when you want to park it for the winter. An exclusive time period correct stereo with cassette is fitted, should you feel tired of the tunes coming from the twin exhaust in the back.

Engine: Starts right up and runs very smoothly with good oil pressure. A real pleasure to drive as soon as it is warmed up and shifts perfectly.

History: Imported to Sweden in 2010 from Italy and had 1 owner since.

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Martedì, 29 Agosto 2017 11:21

Ferrari 250 GTE 2+2 1962

Ferrari 250 GT/E 2+2 1962 for sale

With 954 cars, the Ferrari 250 GT 2+2 or GTE was a tremendous success for Ferrari. The cars were produced between 1961 to1963 and were considered the first family car from Ferrari.

Exterior: Very close to flawless paint on this Ferrari that was painted ten years ago in its original colour. Perfect chrome, glass and rubber details all around the car. Without discussion, the best choice of original colour for a Ferrari 250 GTE in 1962. Borrani wheels in perfect condition with correct time period tyres (Michelin XWX).

Interior: A leather interior in a car like this Ferrari is something that just becomes more and more beautiful every year if it is well maintained. And, when the day comes that you should replace it, it is like starting over. It will take another 40 or so years to achieve that feeling of sitting into an original Ferrari interior. Even the shelf under the rear window is still covered in the original leather. This piece would have never survived for so many years if this car had lived in the southern parts of Europe where the sun is stronger. Carpets and headliner also in very good condition. All the beautiful instruments in this car still look like new with no fading from the sun! Also, they are in perfect working order. In the trunk, we have the original tool bag with the original leather belts to secure your suitcases when you are off for a grand tour of Europe in style.

Engine: Engine had a complete rebuild by Ferrari specialist in Italy. After this, the car is estimated to have covered around 10,000km. It is today in perfect order both visually and in performance. Also, gearbox, clutch, overdrive, and rear axle are in perfect working order. All bushings, rubbers etc in the front and rear end have also been replaced which makes the car handle like a Ferrari on the road.

History: This car was presented at the motor show in Stockholm in 1962 and the first owner was a company by the name Åhlen and Holm. Mr Gösta Åhlen was a very well-known business man in Sweden running a chain of department stores by the name of Åhlens. The owner’s history of the car is fully documented. The original handbook, and all literature that came with the car from new are still intact including a Swedish owner’s manual that was translated and typed out by hand and supplied from the Swedish importer at the time. 

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Michael Schiebler

Tel: +46707658904 


Lunedì, 23 Giugno 2014 16:27

Alfa Romeo Spider, 5181km!

Alfa Romeo Spider Quadrifoglio Verde with 5181km!          

This is the classic Alfa Romeo Spider from 1987 with only 5,181km from new! It must be the Alfa Romeo Spider with least travelled kilometers in existence! This is a car for an Alfa collector. Delivered in the color Rosso Alfa 530 with grey interior and red seam.

It has a factory installed catalytic converter, the original cover for the soft top, brand new extra carpets to put over the original ones. It still feels and smells like a brand new car. 

The Quadrifoglio Verde (Green Fourleaf Clover) model was introduced in 1986, with many aesthetic tweaks, including sideskirts, mirrors, new front and rear spoilers, hard rubber trunk mounted spoilers with integral 3rd stoplight, unique 15" alloys and optional removable hardtop. Different interior trim included blood red carpets and gray leather seats with red stitching. QV was offered in only 3 colours: red, silver and black. 

The Alfa Romeo Spider basically had the same shape from the late 60's to until 1994 when the new model came out.

This car was sold new in Sweden and is still today with Swedish registration documents. Always garage kept. 

Domenica, 09 Marzo 2014 13:48

Mercedes 280SE Coupe 3,5

For sale: Mercedes 280SE 3,5 Coupe 1970

The fabulous Coupe from Mercedes with the best engine alternative. This car was sold new in Germany and later passed on to a relative who took the car to Sweden. Always very well maintained and all the history with reciepts and copies of old registration documents are collected in a binder. It has that nice big electric sunroof for those sunny days. The paint (Tunis beige) and chrome are in very good condition. Engine fires up right away and runs very nicely, and the automatic gearbox shifts perfectly. 

The difference between the 3,5 Coupe and the regular 280SE is that Mercedes went from the six cylinder unit to the V8 and in order to do that they had to make the body slightly wider. You can definitely feel this when you are in the car since it is very roomy. Also, the radiator is slightly lower on this model making it look a little bit more macho in the front. There will be more pictures coming soon on this car. At this moment, the rear bumper has been sent off for replating. Most likely this car can be seen in the Techno Classica show in Essen.

Giovedì, 06 Febbraio 2014 04:37

Morgan +8

For sale: Morgan +8 1995

A wonderful Morgan in superb condition. In British racing green with black leather and carpets inside. Walnut dashboard with lots of beautiful instruments. Soft top and side screens are with the car. Imported from Germany in 2007 and had one owner in Sweden since. Dual exhaust gives a great sound from the Rover 3,9 V8. Equipped with alarm. Owners manual and documentation are present. Great condition all over and only just over 40,000km which makes this Morgan a collectable sportscar. Classic style with modern technology. 

Domenica, 17 Marzo 2013 19:07

To good to be true!

If it looks too good to be true, it is!

If you have a classic car, it is not very likely it will be stolen. A classic car is very easy to recognize and remember driving down the street. And when a thief is trying to sell your classic car, it is a very big risk that somebody will recognize it.

So instead the crooks have moved inside the cyber world. When you put your car up for sale these days, you receive many strange e-mails and text messages on your phone.

Most of them are very easy to detect since they simply ask some very stupid questions. The first one being if the car is still for sale even though your advertisement was posted 3 min ago! Then it could be you get a text message to write an e-mail to somebody claiming to be very interested in your car.

If you suspect that you have received a scam e-mail when advertising a car for sale just delete it and forget about it. You do not want to intimidate this kind of people.

A few years back I had a Bentley R-Type for sale and a man said he wanted to buy it. He sent me a check and told me to send the car. I took the check to the bank and asked them to ensure me it was authentic. They said yes, we can cash the check, but it could take up to 3 weeks until we are 100% sure.

The buyer wanted me to send the car since I now have cashed his check and the money was on my account. But two weeks later the bank called and said this was a stolen check! The buyer wanted his money back and he was furious and threatened me and my family in many e-mails. I have since received several checks but always just send them back and tell the customer we do not accept checks as a payment.

When you buy a car you should always make sure you get a proper receipt from the seller.

A friend of mine was standing at a show in Italy having one of his cars for sale when a man walked up and claimed it was his car he was trying to sell and that it had been stolen from his house some time ago. The police came and confiscated the car and my friend had to go home to get all documents proving the he had imported this car from America and he was the rightful owner of the car. It was a costly battle in court for him to get his car back.

Use your common sense when searching for the classic car of your dreams on the internet. And when something seems too good to be true. It usually is!

The advertisment above from Blocket says that his gradfather has passed away and he is now selling the his car a 1949 VW Beetle. He says the car was valued to about 600€! I cannot think of any drivable car from 1949 that you can buy for this money and certainly not a VW looking anything like the one on the picture. Interestingly, if you do a google picture search for VW 1949, you will find this very same picture in the first row.

Email from a trusted source

Sometimes I get an e-mail from the website where I advertised a car stating that they have overcharged my credit card and I should click the attached link to claim my refund. Please understand that Microsoft, your bank, eBay will NOT send you an e-mail like this. It just a way to get to your credit card information. 

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Lunedì, 12 Dicembre 2011 00:44

Ferrari Dino 246

Ferrari 246 Dino for sale

Bella machina! The Ferrari 246 Dino was the first 6 cylinder car that Ferrari and must lay claim to being the most beautiful car ever produced.

Engine: cast iron with light alloy head.
Bore and stroke: 92,5x60mm and 2,418cc
Carburettors: 3 Weber 40 DCN
Max power 195bhp @ 7600rpm.
Brakes: Servo assisted ventilated discs with front/rear split and rear pressure-relief valve.
Weight: 1140kg
Top speed: 238km/h

This Dino had a nut and bolt restoration and is in stunning condition.

Domenica, 11 Dicembre 2011 03:16

Armstrong Siddeley Hurricane 1951

Armstrong Siddeley Hurricane 3 position drophead coupe från 1951

Bilen har ägts av nuvarande ägare sedan 1968 och har en tidigare ägare. Bilen har genomgått en omfattande renovering under åren 2000-2004. Då har allt från ram till motor blivit omsorgsfullt renoverat av fackmän. Bilen har tillvald Pre select växellåda med 4 växlar. Motorn går silkeslent och bilen är mycket trevlig att köra. Det finns några revor i skinnet på stolarna fram. Annars är bilen i absolut topskick.

Classic car for sale

This is a very rare car today! When was the last time you saw one like this? And, here is the opportunity to acquire perhaps the best example of the remaining left hand drive cars. It was completley restored during 2000-2004 by professionals. All bills available. It has a pre-selected gearbox (optional) and a straight six cylinder engine that runs silky smooth. This is a must see car! There is some tairs in the leather on the front seats, otherwise this car is in a very good condition.

Oldtimer und klassische fahrzeuge

Dies ist ein sehr seltenes Auto heute! Wann wurde das letzte Mal sah man davon? Und hier ist die Gelegenheit, vielleicht das beste Beispiel für die restlichen Linkslenker Fahrzeuge zu erwerben. Es war im Zeitraum 2000-2004 wurde komplett von Fachleuten restauriert. Alle Rechnungen vorhanden. Es hat eine vorgewählte Getriebe (optional) und ein Reihensechszylinder-Engine, die seidig glatt läuft. Dies ist ein Muss Auto zu sehen! Es gibt einige rissen in das Leder an den Vordersitzen, ansonsten ist das Auto in einem sehr guten Zustand.

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