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Mercoledì, 26 Giugno 2019 07:04

Jensen Interceptor MK 2 1970

Jensen Interceptor MK 2 1970 for sale

Exterior: The Jensen Interceptor looks very cool in this blue colour, but from factory it was claret with black leather. There is no rust showing, but the body has some smaller dents, scratches and cracks in the paint. Chrome parts are decent, and the entire car will make a great daily driver.

Interior: The interior has super nice original black leather. Dashboard and instruments all look very nice. The big Webasto Tudor sunroof makes a big difference. For me, it is a better solution than convertible since it is very easy to open and close, lets the right amount of wind into the car and still gives you that open air convertible feeling. Being a MK2, it has that nice round back seat. Original steering wheel. Was original with AC, but this is not working today.

Engine: The engine in the Jensen Interceptor MK2 from 1970 is the very powerful E engine with 330hp. Recent service with new fluids, fans have just been revised and are working fine. Starts easily and gives a mean sound. Automatic gearbox also working normally.

History: This car was imported to Sweden in September 1985 and I assume it was originally from U.K. considering it is a right-hand drive car. Looks like it has had 2 owners over the years here in Sweden and I bought this car in 2017. It was taken trough Technical Inspection (MOT) here in Sweden June 2019 and was all ok.

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Martedì, 07 Maggio 2013 19:08

Volvo P1800 S

Vendita: Volvo P1800 S 1965

Un norrlandsbil che ha trovato fino a Skåne! È quindi mai stato particolarmente arrugginito. Soglie e traverse vengono sostituiti quando l'auto è stata dipinta nel 1995, nel suo originale colore rosso 46. La vettura non ha rotolato tanto per questo restauro è stato fatto.
Recentemente, l'auto ha nuova moquette, pannelli porta, rivestimento in pelle sulle sedie, nuova band Pirelli (sotto i sedili) Nuova moquette e pannelli laterali nel bagagliaio. Nuove guarnizioni di battuta in porta sono stati montati e la vettura è stato dato un giusto servizio con nuovi poli, interruttore condensatore, olio e filtri, nonché revisione dei freni.
Originale e funzionale Volvo radio e antenna sono montati.
Le ruote sono state ristrutturate e ricevuto nuove gomme. Il cambio della vettura secondo il precedente proprietario per essere di nuovo sulla schiena 600mil marca. Overdrive funziona bene.
Il motore si sente vivace e la vettura è stata ispezionata l'anno scorso, così si va un altro anno. Questo è un molto solida e sana Volvo P1800 per coloro che vogliono un pronto per l'esecuzione auto in buone condizioni in quanto è solo per girare la chiave e andare con.


Giovedì, 28 Marzo 2013 04:26

Alfa Romeo Montreal

Sold: Alfa Romeo Montreal

The Alfa Romeo Montreal is a wonderful GT car. With less than 4000 cars produced, it is a rare sight today!

The great sounding V8 produces 200hp giving this 1,300kg car a nice performance. The chassis number AR 1428714 manufactured on the 31st October 1973 and sold on the 16th April 1975 to Alfa Romeo Germany, Frankfurt. The car was immediately sold to Sweden since we did not have any importer here for this model. The history of owners is complete with copies of old registration documents. The car was in the same family for the last 30 years.

The car was driven a little here the first couple of years by the first owner, but was later passed on to a man living far north in Sweden that had the car only merely for looking at on sunny days. It was kept in dry storage for many years and passed down in generations until I bought it.

I have since put new tyres, replaced the springs and swaybars, and all fluids including all filters (3 fuel and 1 oil). All gauges, buttons together with windows now work properly in the car. It was painted in the early 80s therefore the paint is not perfect. However, the car is rust free and all of the very delicate stainless steel trim is absolutely perfect all around. And it is in original colour, Arancia metallizato. The interior is 100% original with the first carpet and seat upholstery all in very good condition. The eye lids over the headlights are operated with vacuum and these work fine. The 5 speed ZF gearbox feels very good when warmed up. The mufflers on the exhaust system were replaced and the car sounds amazing. The center caps on the wheels have been fitted after these pictures were taken and also the correct side signal lights have been fitted. This is the car to drive and enjoy.

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