Scam warning

Customer willing to pay more than the asking price for classic car!

In December I was contacted by a man named Craig Paul from U.K. Thankfully he starts out with a question that tells me 99% chance he is a crook.

i will like to know if this vehicle is still available for sale
Mail: graigpaul@gmail.com
Tele: +447045736656

I think if a car is advertised it is rather obvious that it is for sale! So I tell him simply yes. He then wants to know the condition and I kindly refer him to my website where there are more pictures and information.

He then writes the following to me:

I'm satisfied with the condition of the vehicle. I will be paying you through Bank to bank transfer which is a fast, safe and reliable method of payment.. And i will take care of all Shipment Preparations for the vehicle to my home by shipment company,

143 Cricket road, Oxford, United Kingdom OX43DL

Email me with the actual price you are willing to sell the vehicle in euro
Best regard

The actual price for the car (also stated in the advertisement) is 85,000€. To test the customer I write the price is 100,000€! And Mr Paul answers to me:

about the price, everything is good like that,what i will need now is the details of your bank account
i can be able to make the payment as soon as possible, my shipping company will responsible for the ship of the vehicle. Hope to hear from you back

best regard

I send my bank details and very shortly after I receive a confirmation from Scotia bank the payment has been made. But he has sent me 100.850€ and I have to send 850€ to the shipping company to complete the transaction.


Hope u have received the payment confirmation from my bank? kindly please get back to them and u can get ur money as soon as possible,and my shipping company we be able to come around for the shipment Hope to hear from u back

best Regards


For me this was very easy to see from the beginning. But when these people learn how to write a proper e-mail and perhaps send it to somebody that is new to the internet. I feel this is going to be a growing problem as it is too cold for the crooks on the street and it is better to sit at home in front of the computer with a cup of coffee.

Also my cars have started to appear on Ebay in USA! The only problem is that I am not the one who has listed them. For this reason I will never send copies of registration documents to anyone on a car.

It makes it all more difficult for anyone that wants to buy or sell a car. When trust is gone, business stops and we have to help each other against these types of crime. 

I have signed up Mr Pauls address to get as many free tampon samples sent to him as I possibly can. Please feel free to do the same. 


And the hits just keep on coming here at scam warning radio channel!

On Anamera there many advertisements with exotic Italian cars and a lot of race cars. All cars advertised by a Claus Larsen from Sweden! Mr Larsen does not speak Swedish and he does not live in Sweden! I found out when i made an enquire about one of the cars. 

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