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First of all let us know when you are coming. Our visiting adress is: Scoutvägen 25, 26193 Saxtorp

Clicke here to plan your route.

If you would like to come and visit by air, the closest international airport to us is Copenhagen (Denmark). From Copenhagen airport, it takes only 10 minutes by train over the bridge to Malmö and if you let us know, we would be happy to pick you up there. There is also an airport in Malmö but not so many international flights go there. If you come from Germany by car there are several routes to go.

From the Berlin side there is a ferry from Sassnitz to Trelleborg and also Rostock to Trelleborg. From Hamburg side you can go from Travemunde directly to Malmö or Trelleborg. Or you can cross Puttgarden-Rödby (Denmark). Drive through Denmark approx. 250 km and then over the Öresund bridge to Sweden.

Or you can drive over Flensburg-Kolding-Copenhagen and then over the bridge. This is 140 km longer but usually the fastest route. There are two toll bridges on this route. If you are coming with a trailer, the cheapest and best way is to take the night ferry from Travemunde to Malmö. Get a cabin and have a good night's sleep. If you buy a car from us and plan to drive home, this is the best way. See booking and price on www.finnlines.com or www.ttline.com 

We have a B&B just down the street if you need to stay over. Se more here www.sundblick.se

And another B&B about 10-15 min drive from us here http://en.sodervidinge.com/bed-breakfast 

If you want something fancier and want to be in the city, there is this one https://www.hoteloresund.se/ also just 10min away from us.

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