Wanderer W24 1938

Wanderer Auto Union W24 1938 for sale

The Wanderer W24 from 1938. This was a middle market car first introduced by Auto Union under the name Wanderer. This model was available in two door, four door and convertible.

Exterior: It is a very elegant little car in dark blue and black. The paint is very deep and shiny, and I believe most of the car is still in first paint. For a 1938 car, it is in extraordinary condition on the outside. Chrome, glass and rubber parts all in good condition.

Interior: The cloth interior is starting to show a little wear in some places, but it is not broken anywhere. The original rubber carpets are in very good condition. All instrumentation looks beautiful even on the inside. To find a car from 1938, that is in most parts original and looks like this inside, is rare today.

Engine: It is a 1767cc four-cylinder unit that gives you just over 40hp with good torque. The engine has recently been serviced and checked by a local workshop. Also, the brakes have recently been serviced.

History: The first owner Sven Gullberg (Head of Police) bought the car on the 21st of October 1938 and he kept it until the 16th of June 1969 when the second owner came about. Going through this documentation I realised that Mr Gullberg was a personal friend of mine. One of my first jobs as a young mechanic was to work on some of his cars. And then in December 2010, the children of the second owner took over the car. The amount of documentation that comes with this car is somewhat incredible. There are two full binders with collected material. Old photos, Wanderer original prospect, invoices, etc.

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