Alfa Romeo 1600 GT Junior

Alfa Romeo GT Junior 1600 1975

Another Giorgetto Giugiaro masterpiece! I love pretty much every car he drew, and I have had many of them. The GT 1600 Junior was produced in just over 1400 pieces between 1972 and 1976. But it was only the last two years it came with the cool twin headlights. The five-speed gearbox makes you cruise at ease even in today's highway speed and perhaps that is one of the reasons these cars are so popular today.

Exterior: Older paint showing some age here and there, but still very presentable. In harmony with chrome details. The deep classic red that many prefer to have their Alfa Romeo in.

Interior: Redone in genuine leather some years ago. Now just perfect and also the rest of the interior such as dashboard, door cards, headliner are in very good condition.

Engine: The beautiful Alfa Romeo engine, both to look at and to drive with! Happily reving and great sound from the front with those double Weber’s. In the back that unmistakable raspy exhaust note. The engine is very well tuned and idles very low and smoothly. Original air filter housing and intake are also with the car. Gearbox and rear axle have normal sound.

History: Sold new here in Sweden in 1975 and was delivered on the 20th of November 1975 to the first owner. The next owner came 1997 and the next 2003 and then again 2004 until 2018 when it came to me. List of owners with name in chronological order. Lots and lots of invoices on maintenance and repairs over the years. Also, all other documents collected such as Technical Control documents etc. Handbook, jack and tools.

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