Lotus Elan S/E Coupe 1967

Lotus Elan S/E Fixed head Coupe 1967 for sale

One thing about the little Lotus Elan is that most people that go for a test drive in one of these come back with a big grin on their face! Small, light, quick and still comfortable and fast enough for a longer journey.

Exterior: Painted in 2007 in the original “Cirrus White” and with a green stripe that is sticker and removable. At the same time, it was fitted with a new windscreen front and new rubber all around. Riding on original steel wheels with new knock off nuts. It was fitted on a new Spyder chassi and Spyder drive shafts were used.

Interior: New carpets, but original seat covers in good condition. All instruments in very good condition and the cabin is very nice and clean.

Engine: Stainless steel exhaust. The engine has the same head and cams as the Sprint model. Engine had a complete rebuild in 2007 with new pistons, bearing, oil pump, chain, new valves etc. The gearbox is semi close ratio and a 3,55 diff.

History: This car was sold new here in Sweden in 1967 and was always left hand drive. The restoration work was done in the 2006-2007 area. Receipts for parts and labour are collected in a binder. 

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