Mercedes 220 Sb 1963

Mercedes 220 Sb 1963 in stunning condition for sale

As you can see in these pics, this Mercedes W111 is in a stunning condition!

Exterior: The car was repainted more than 20 years ago, but still looks very nice. The chrome parts were rechromed and some were bought new. Nice white wall tires. Perfect glass and rubber.

Interior: The upholstery was replaced a long time ago and it looks very nice today. You can see some very small yellow spots on some places. The wood is all original and still looks very nice with a little patina. All instruments look very nice and all in working order.

Engine: Twin carburetor engine gives a healthy sound and good power to this big car.

History: As you can see the car has sunroof and in 1963 it was not possible to buy your W111 Mercedes 220 with sunroof in Sweden. So, the first owner bought the car brand new in Germany with the sunroof. For that reason, it also has a German owner´s manual and service book. The first owner passed down the car in the family and there have only been these two owners! Many very expensive parts have been replaced over the years in order to keep the car in absolute top shape.   

Additional Info

  • This car is now: SOLD
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