Rolls Royce Corniche

Rolls Royce Corniche Drop head coupe 1979

Exterior: This car looks very nice! There are parts of the car that have been repainted over the years, but there are no signs of any corrosion. All the chrome and details on the outside of the car are in a fantastic condition. The Corniche looks very good in this particular color. The soft top is in good condition and keeps the water on the outside of the car, should there be a rainy day.

Interior: The inside is pure luxury like in most Rolls Royce motorcars. The chocolate brown leather makes a fantastic color contrast for the convertible roof and the outside of the car. All leather and all other details on the inside of the car are in a very good state! Lamb wool rugs and even all the wood panels are close to perfect. It is very nice and tidy on the inside and it is hard to believe that it is soon 40 years old. But then it has covered only just over 100,000km!

Mechanics: Starts right up and has a very healthy sound. The power from the 6,75l V8 is amazing. You touch the pedal and this very big car just takes off and feels light like a feather. The 3 step automatic gearbox shifts perfectly and the driving experience is exactly like you would expect from a Rolls Royce. It does not leave a drop of oil on the floor and has extensive service records from a renowned Rolls Royce workshop.

History: It was sold new in Illinois USA in 1979 and came to Sweden in July 1990. When it came to Sweden, it had 35,700 miles and since then the km/miles have been documented by every Technical Control document here in Sweden. There were only just over 3,000 cars like this produced. And considering the maintenance costs, many of these have deteriorated to a very bad condition. Here you have a close to perfect car!

If you are looking for a Rolls Royce Corniche, you have to come and see this one. This is the car for the smart buyer! 

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