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dimanche, 28 juillet 2019 20:10


SAAB 93 twostroke 1958 for sale

The SAAB cars came around in the early 50ies with SAAB 92 and then 1956-1960 came the SAAB 93 now with 3-cylinder engine and 33hp.

Exterior: Very nice-looking paint with some smaller signs of use. Very nice chrome! For me personally the SAAB 93 is the ultimate of two stroke cars. A 92 is cool but the engine is a little bit to weak. The 96 is also a very nice car but just not as aerodynamic looking as the 93.

Interior: What is unique with this car is that the original interior still looks like new today. All original headliner, seat covers etc and it is all in fantastic condition. The blue interior also makes a great contrast with the red. All instruments work as the should.

The engine feels and sounds silky smooth and is all original. If you have never driven a SAAB two stroke, I can tell you it is a very special feeling. Despite the low horsepower these cars have, it feels like you are going very fast.

History: This SAAB 93 was registered here in Sweden the first time in January 1958 and the first owner had the car until 1988. The look and the feel of the car indicates that km 75.000 is correct. This car was also standing in High Chaparral museum collection for many years.


mercredi, 23 août 2017 06:17

SAAB 95 two-stroke 1965

SAAB 95 Longnose 1965 two stroke for sale

I heard someone say: It is more fun to drive a slow car fast than to drive a fast car slow. And there is a lot of truth in that. The SAAB two stroke cars are certainly not fast cars even if they have won some major races with their cars back in the days.

Exterior: This car had a full restoration and was painted in 1994, some of the chrome was redone and some is still original and in good condition. Tires are almost new, glass, rubber etc are in good condition. The paint is not perfect anymore, after all it is 23 years old, but still very representable.

Interior: Very nice original red cloth interior, nice chrome details and good carpets. All controls are working and it has very good heat. In the back, there is a foldable extra seat that the kids love to ride in. Sitting faced backwords looking back at the smoke clouds.

Engine: Equipped with a sport engine with triple carburettors giving you 55 wild horsepower it makes this old SAAB great fun to drive even when the entire family is riding along. With 4 speed gearbox, you are cruising in 100km/h comfortable without stress on the engine.

History: It changed hand four times since 1965 including dealers. It has pretty much every MOT certificate dating all the way back from the beginning and here you can follow the km reading. Also, what has been done the car over the last 10 years is in detail described. 

samedi, 10 mars 2012 07:26

SAAB Sonett "Old yeller"

SAAB Sonett for sale

Fully restored car that was imported from California. This probably one of the best SAAB Sonett cars around. This is a series II car with the V4 engine. Great color combination with this pale yellow, black leather and grey carpets. Car has a new carburator and runs perfectly. Can be seen here at our showroom in Löddeköpinge Sweden.

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