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mardi, 24 mai 2016 04:05

Mercedes 230 W153

For sale: Mercedes 230 W153 1939  

The Mercedes Benz 230 W153 is today a very rare car. The production numbers is a little unclear debated by specialists. Owever, it is safe to say there are not many cars like this around today. I am sure many of them died during the war, or they were simply not worth restoring at the time.

The production period for this six cylinder luxury sedan was between 1938-1943. Looking similar to Mercedes W143 but with the new tubular subframe. The 230 W153 were also produced in different convertible bodies. The production ended in 1943, but the same or very similar body was later used in 170S, but with a smaller engine.

Exterior: Fantastic paintwork in a spectacular color combination! The finish of the paint is very close to perfect and all chrome details are of superior quality. The sliding Webasto roof in “Sonnenland” quality in matching color with the car.

Interior: From factory these cars had a cloth interior and during the restoration this was updated to very exclusive leather interior that still today looks like new. Carpets, headliner etc have the same high standard. All instruments look very nice and are in working order. It even has an original suitcase set in the trunk, and also this is in fantastic condition.

Engine: During the restoration also the engine was dismantled and everything was checked. It is hard to say today what parts were put new since the receipts are missing. But the engine has normal sound and oil pressure.

History: Sold new in Sweden in 1939 by Förenade bil in Malmö to the founder of the company Luxor radio in Motala. It was then cancelled from the registry in 1962, but was found in a barn near Avesta in 1996. Then a restoration was started and this was completed in 2012. Copies of owners manual, first registration documents are present. Please note that this Mercedes 230 W153 1939 was delivered with the Webasto sliding sunroof, and this is very rare for the model. 

jeudi, 25 février 2016 08:11

Gregoire 1908

Gregoire 1908 for sale

Automobiles Grégoire was a French car manufacturer, established in 1902, that operated for about twenty years in the early 20th century. The company was the creation of Pierre Joseph Grégoire (1876 - 1962).

Established on the Boulevard Devaux in Poissy, Grégoire started off by manufacturing engines in 1903. But in 1904, the company started to manufacture automobiles. The design was easily recognizable by its pear-shaped radiator. The company made cars with single, two and four-cylinder engines. In 1911, a six-cylinder and a four-cylinder sleeve-valve engine were also produced. The Grégoire company never sold a lot of automobiles. In 1913, only 500 cars were made.

After World War I, Grégoire introduced its first car with an overhead-valve engine. Although the engine was only 2.3 litre, the car could reach up to 62 mph (100 km/h). The manufacture of this model was expensive, and it had disappointing financial results. In 1923, Grégoire only produced engines for the Bignan company. Grégoire closed its factory down in 1924.

Exterior: This car has the exact right amount of patina that you want to have on a car from this age. All of the brass parts can of course be polished up further when one has time in garage during the winter. The golden color on all details goes so well with the white. When standing there looking at it, you just have to climb up into that driver's position. It looks so comfortable, and it is! Put your hands on that nice big steering wheel and admire all the details in the instrumentation. What you see is what you get! There is only one little box behind the seats where you can leave your leather hat and goggles.

Motor: Once you have gone through the right starting procedure, it starts right up with one or two turns with the handle. Shifting gears without a grind takes a little practice, cars from this era is something you drive, not ride.

The car can be seen in Saxtorp, Sweden by appointment, and we will be happy to assist if you are coming by air to Copenhagen airport. 

lundi, 12 décembre 2011 01:13

Mercedes 230 W143 1933

Veteranbil säljes: Mercedes från 1933

Denna ovanliga Mercedes lämnades av tyskarna efter kriget i Norge. Bilen kom sedan som smuggelgods över gränsen till Sverige och har idag svensk registrering. En renovering påbörjades redan på 70talet då man svetsat upp karossen. Bilen var då svart men man hittade originalfärgen under som var ljusblå och bilen lackerades i denna färg. (Samma som Göring hade på sin) Kromet till bilen är nytt. Man har sytt upp en ny inredning och ett nytt innertak. Motorn har gåtts igenom och den verkar vara komplett och original. Det borde inte ta så många timmar för en mekaniker att starta upp den.

Prewar Mercedes for sale

 A prewar Mercedes 230 W143 from 1933. This is a very rare car! This one was found in the northern part of Norway and was left behind by the German forces after the World War II. A restoration was begun in the 70s. The engine was overlooked and got some new valves. The body was painted in its original color found on the car. A new cloth interior was made, and so was a new headliner. The car seems very complete and original. Most of the chrome parts have been reconditioned and rechromed to a very good standard. The car is sold as a project car and is not drivable. But it should not take long to get it driving. The car holds a Swedish registration.

Mercedes 1933 zu verkaufen

Ein sehr seltener Vorkriegs Mercedes W143 von 1933, gefunden in Nord-Norwegen, wo er von den deutschen Armee nach dem Zweiten Weltkrieg zurückgelassen wurde. In den 70er Jahren wurde eine Restauration begonnen. Der Motor wurde überprüft und hat neue Ventile bekommen. Die Karosserie wurde in der original Farbe neu lackiert. Der Stoff des Interiors wurde erneuert. Viele Chromteile wurden überholt und neu verchromt. Alles macht einen sehr originalen und kompletten Eindruck. Es hat schwedische Papiere. Das Auto wird als Bastlerfahrzeug verkauft und ist nicht fahrbereit, jedoch benötigt es nicht viel Arbeit um es fahrbereit zu machen.

 Mercedes 230 de 1933

Un Mercedes raro W143 de la época de la anteguerra de 1933, encontrado en el norte de Noruega donde el ejército aléman lo dejó después de la segunda guerra mundial. En los años setenta se empezó una restauración, el motor estuvo inspeccionado y recibió nuevas válvulas. La carrocería estuvo pintado nuevo en el color original y la tela de la interior estuvo cambiado. Muchas partes cromos estuvieron restaurados. Todo parece muy original y completo. Tiene papeles suecos. El coche es un projecto y no está en condiciones de poder funcionar pero creo que no necessito mucho trabajo por repararlo.

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