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mercredi, 28 novembre 2012 21:02

DKW 3-6 Auto Union F91

DKW 3-6 Auto Union F91 Meisterklasse 1954 SOLD

Have a look at this lovley DKW 3-6 F91 with only 92.000 original km. This DKW had 3 new original fenders fitted before getting painted in original colors. Wheels where refurbished and new tyres fitted. Many new chrome parts and also door hinges (rubber) are new. Engine has got a new crankshaft. The brakes have just been rstored and the engine fires right up. Interior is original and worn.

The car is 100% complete. As you can see on the pictures it is and allways have been in a very healthy state underneath. This F91 Meisterklasse is well documented and apears to have travelled a total of only 92.000km. Original registration document, owners manual, tax sticker and all technical controll documents are with the car. The model was produced between 1953-1955 in coupe, kombi and convertible. 

mercredi, 04 avril 2012 19:11

DKW AU 1000S De Luxe

For sale a DKW AU 1000S De Luxe. This is the later version of the Coupe with a facelift. The front windscreen makes you feel like you are driving a big Cadillac from the 60's. The power is now up to 50hp and the DKW easily outperforms VW Beatle from the same period. It seems to have just a little over 90,000km! Feels very solid when driving. New battery. The sad part is that there are blisters in the paint both in the white and the gray. The car is rustfree and ready to drive anywhere.

mercredi, 04 avril 2012 18:52

DKW AU 1000 1959

A classic DKW AU 1000 coupe from 1959. Car was restored a few years back. Still in very good condition and with original seats. Comes with original owners manual, first registration document and service records. Extra heater for the cold days (this car was from the north) Nice classic radio that is working. 2 Stroke engine with 55 hp.

lundi, 12 décembre 2011 00:33

DKW AU 1000 Coupé 1958 Auto Union

DKW AU 1000 Coupe for sale

 This is the first series of the DKW AU 1000 Coupé or Auto Union with the beautiful round instruments with chrome rings and with a clock between the instruments. This DKW came from the furthest northern part of Sweden and that is the reason why the body is in a fantastic shape. No rust to be seen anywhere on this car! Engine was recently renovated and it got a new interior. Drives and looks very nice.

This model is also sometimes referred to as 3=6 and was the "sonderklasse" model which came with 3 cylinders, 2 stroke engine with 980cc and it was a lot faster than VW 1200, one of its competitors during this time with the similar shape.

In 1965 VW bought Auto Union from Mercedes and formed a new company named Audi. This was the end of the two stroke engines.


 Schöner DKW AU 1000 Coupé / Auto Union aus der ersten Serie mit runden Instrumenten mit Chromringen und einer Uhr zwischen den Instrumenten. Die Karosserie ist in einem super Zustand, weil das Auto aus dem Norden Schwedens kommt. Nirgends Rost!

Der Motor wurde renoviert und der Innenraum neu gemacht. Fährt gut und sieht schön aus! Das Modell wurde acuh öfter mit dem 3=6 verglichen und war das Sonderklasse-Modell mit 3 Zylindern, 2-Takt 980 ccm Motor. Es fuhr wesentlich schneller als der damalige Konkurrent der VW 1200. 1965 kaufte dann VW Auto Union von Mercedes ab und gründete eine neue Firma, nämlich Audi. Was das Ende der 2-Takt Motoren brachte.


 Buen DKW AU 1000 Coupé / Auto Union de la primera serie con instrumentos redondos chromos y un reloj entre los instrumentos. La carroceriá está en buen condición porque viene del norte de Suecia. ¡No hay herrumbre! El motor estuvó renovado y el interior está nuevo. Está en buen condiciones. Esto está comprado con el 3=6 y estuve el modelo "Sonderklasse" con 3 cilindros, 980cc motor de dos tiempos. Iba más rapido como el competidor de aquel tiempo, el VW 1200. En 1965 VW compró Auto Union de Mercedes y formó una empresa, a saber Audi. Estuvó el final de los motores con dos tiempos.

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