Krapperup Italian day

Italian Car meet at Krapperup Sweden

Second year around for this event for Italian cars and motorcycles only. The weather was nice and sunny but still cold for the season. There was lots of nice Italian classic to look at, even if it was not as many as I thought it would be. Now I have to say that I was there rather early and since it was a holiday it is possible all of the classic Ferrari owners were sleeping in because I did not see any early Ferraris at all! Alfa Romeo club and Fiat Classic Club are always well represented in this part of Sweden.

I did see some very nice cars though. There was a Fiat Multipla in excellent condition. There was a very nice Alfa Romeo Montreal in white. The only Lamborghini I saw was a red Espada, and I like the Espada very much! There was a very nice black Maserati Ghibli and a Khamsim and these cars you do not see very often. There were also some of the older cars like a Alfa Romeo with Zagato body and a very early Lancia.

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