Mercedes 280 SE Coupe

For sale: Mercedes 280 SE Coupe W111 1968


This lovely coupe from Mercedes has been taken well cared for by the previous owner for 35 years! It has been very well maintained during its entire life and is today in a very healthy condition. Since 1981 it has covered 30,000km but it has still been driven every year. All of the Swedish inspection papers have been saved so it is easy to follow the km year by year.

It has a nice color combination with dark blue leather in a very nice condition. It has an original sunroof and the original air condition keeping you cool while you travel in comfort and style.

One very nice feature with the car is that on the dashboard you have a nice classic looking radio. And this is connected to an amplifier with a CD changer in the trunk and a set of very discreet speakers in the back. It gives a very nice sound and still everything looks authentic from 1968. Only the very small CD changing unit placed by the ignition key gives it away.

Engine and gearbox run very nicely and have had a recent service. The chrome is in a very good state, the paint is good, but it is more than 30 years old so you can naturally see some small signs of wear.

This Mercedes comes with all original accessories like jack, tools and books.

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