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Dienstag, 29 Mai 2018 04:01

Buick Series 40 Convertible

Buick Series 40 Convertible 1936

Exterior: Very nice paintwork on this gorgeous car. The light green wheels makes a nice contrast to the dark green body. All chrome details and rubber in very good condition. Rolling on classic wide white wall tyres.

Interior: Nice black leather sofa. All instruments and details inside the car in very nice condition. Rumble seat in the back also with same black leather. Nice convertible top with real glass window in the back and a cover for the top when you have it down.

Engine: A Car with a straight eight cylinder engine (233CI)is what every classic car enthusiast must experience at least once in their lifetime. You can hardly hear it when it is standing on idle. With the 3 speed gearbox you are on your way in best possible style.

Imported from USA recently and has just been registered here in Sweden. Now inspected and ready to go. We do not know how many cars like this where produced, but it is safe to say it is today a very rare and beautiful car.

Freitag, 18 August 2017 05:20

Triumph 1800 Roadster

Triumph 1800 Roadster from 1948 for sale

Exterior: Older paint that is a little bit faded. There are some scratches here and there. Chrome is ok and the soft top looks like the original one.

Interior: Seats and doorcards have been remade in vinyl. Wood on the dashboard looks nice.

Engine: The engine starts but runs on 3 cylinders. We have not investigated any further. Can be just a sparkplug or old fuel. But the engine has not been serviced in a long time. New battery. Gearbox and final drive have normal sound.

History: First registered in Sweden in September 1977 and came from U.K. The U.K license plate is still with the car and a lot of documentation. Original handbook.

Interested? Contact me here

Mittwoch, 17 Mai 2017 20:01

Ford De Luxe V8 Roadster 1935

Ford De Luxe 1935 V8 Model 48 for sale

During these years, De Luxe meant that there was a little bit more chrome on this car than the normal version. For example, the window frame and parts of the grill, and two chromed horns in the front. An extra special hood ornament and the special steering wheel were also items fitted only on De Luxe cars.

Exterior: Very close to perfect paint on this gorgeous car! Perfect chrome details all around and no sign of any corrosion anywhere. The car was restored between 1982-1996 to the condition it is in today in these pictures. In 1935, there were five standard colours and this grey was one of them.

Interior: A new seat cover material was ordered from USA, the brown interior makes a superb colour combination with the grey outside, and the red details make it stand out.

Engine: Also, the big V8 engine has been revised and runs very nicely. Gives the car enough power to keep up with today’s traffic and the 3 gears give enough speed to go as fast as you would want to with the top down and the kids giggling in the rumble seat. Rear axle ratio is 3,25:1

History: John, the man that restored this car, bought it back in the 70's and had it until recently. So, it had the same owner for the last 50 years or so. 

Dienstag, 14 Februar 2017 13:09

MG TD 1951

MG TD 1951 for sale

Exterior: The original two tone paintwork was a part of the deluxe package that this car has. The other details are spoke wheels painted silver, and chrome on the sides of the fuel tank. This car also has side screens and a tonau cover. Older paintwork that still is very presentable. No signs of any corrosion.

Interior: Nice and soft black leather sofa. Beautiful instruments in the wooden dashboard.

Motor: The engine had a complete rebuild and has covered less than 10,000km since. Original air filter box and intake are also with the car. Had regular service and maintenance. Engine has a wonderful sporty sound and the gearbox is very easy and quiet.

History: Bought new by a Swede in U.K. as a left-hand drive car. Went through Technical Inspection last year and is ready to drive away.

Dienstag, 07 Februar 2017 10:03

Marcos 3000 GT

Marcos 3l GT 1969 for sale

There were only just over 100 Marcos cars built with the 3L Ford V6 in a steel chassis and not many of these were left hand drive. From what I have heard it was 5 cars. Marcos took the steering from Triumph, most of the other components where British Leyland, MGB or Ford. Rear axle is Ford Capri, and front is Ford Cortina.

Exterior: It is said by the previous owner to be in the first paint. This is not easy to prove on a fiberglass body, but from the looks of it this could be true. It is not a perfect paint anymore, but very presentable. Rubber and glass etc. are all in good condition. It is rolling on the original factory magnesium wheels.  This is the model that was made with a steel frame and the frame is also in a very healthy condition.

Interior: The interior in these cars were vinyl and cloth on the seats. Inside the car is still all original and in good condition. Also, the wood panel and all instruments are in very excellent condition. The driver’s seat is always fixed in a Marcos, and instead you have a large knob where you can adjust the entire pedal set. And the car is suitable for tall drivers. 2m is not a problem. A cassette radio is hidden in the glove compartment. 

Engine: The 3L Ford V6 is said to be bulletproof. This one feels very powerful in this little light car. Also, it gives out a great sound from the twin exhaust. Engine bay looks very original. This is a Golden Seal blueprinted high compression engine that was new when fitted in the car at the building date.

History: Even though this car is year model 1969, it was for the first time in traffic in 1988! And from 1988 until today the car has covered a mere 11,200km! I do not think there is any other Marcos out there more preserved than this one! All inspection documents and invoices of regular maintenance are neatly collected in a binder together with important letter correspondence with Jem Marsh the founder of Marcos cars. Also, in the documentation is the receipt for Marcos stage III kit. The car was first sold to Mr Catwell in U.K but before it was assembled, sold back to Marcos. Mr Holmqvist was the Swedish importer of Marcos cars at the time and also working for Marcos racing division bought the car and took it to Sweden. After completion here it was used as a Marcos demo car and Jem Marsh (founder of Marcos) has been driving this car during the club meetings here in Sweden. It was later passed on in June 1997 and had a few owners until we got the car in January 2017. It comes with full documentation to support the until today driven km of only 11.200km!

Interested? Contact me here

Dienstag, 26 April 2016 16:01

Jaguar E-type series 1

Jaguar E-type XKE convertible Series 1

If you go out on town and ask a random person to name a classic sports car, I think the chances are good that they will say Jaguar E-Type. The Jaguar XKE is such an icon when it comes to classic cars and by many considered the most beautiful car in the world.

Exterior: If you need a reference to what a perfect Jaguar E-type should look like, then this would be it! In terms for panel fit and glossy paint, you could not ask for more. Everything on the outside of the car is in like new condition. Also new chrome spoke wire wheels and Pirelli Cinturato tyres. Please note that the car looks almost black in some pictures, but it is dark blue. Please note also that the chassi is in perfect harmony (ride height).

Interior: Red interior that is now in the best possible state. That dreadful “brand new” look is just over and you can see now that this is a Jaguar E-type that has been driven.

Engine: Engine had a full overhaul in 2000 and has covered 4,000km since. So, the 4,2 liter unit looks and sounds excellent. This is the engine that was fitted from new (matching numbers).

History: This Jaguar E-type Convertible 1966 (first delivery October 1965 in New York) came from USA to Denmark in 1997 and then in Sweden where it had the first registration in 2004. The body work and the paint were done here in Sweden. During its time in Sweden there has been only one owner. One in Denmark and from the time in USA we have no records. 

Donnerstag, 25 Februar 2016 08:11

Gregoire 1908

Gregoire 1908 for sale

Automobiles Grégoire was a French car manufacturer, established in 1902, that operated for about twenty years in the early 20th century. The company was the creation of Pierre Joseph Grégoire (1876 - 1962).

Established on the Boulevard Devaux in Poissy, Grégoire started off by manufacturing engines in 1903. But in 1904, the company started to manufacture automobiles. The design was easily recognizable by its pear-shaped radiator. The company made cars with single, two and four-cylinder engines. In 1911, a six-cylinder and a four-cylinder sleeve-valve engine were also produced. The Grégoire company never sold a lot of automobiles. In 1913, only 500 cars were made.

After World War I, Grégoire introduced its first car with an overhead-valve engine. Although the engine was only 2.3 litre, the car could reach up to 62 mph (100 km/h). The manufacture of this model was expensive, and it had disappointing financial results. In 1923, Grégoire only produced engines for the Bignan company. Grégoire closed its factory down in 1924.

Exterior: This car has the exact right amount of patina that you want to have on a car from this age. All of the brass parts can of course be polished up further when one has time in garage during the winter. The golden color on all details goes so well with the white. When standing there looking at it, you just have to climb up into that driver's position. It looks so comfortable, and it is! Put your hands on that nice big steering wheel and admire all the details in the instrumentation. What you see is what you get! There is only one little box behind the seats where you can leave your leather hat and goggles.

Motor: Once you have gone through the right starting procedure, it starts right up with one or two turns with the handle. Shifting gears without a grind takes a little practice, cars from this era is something you drive, not ride.

The car can be seen in Saxtorp, Sweden by appointment, and we will be happy to assist if you are coming by air to Copenhagen airport. 

Sonntag, 03 Januar 2016 17:35

Rolls Royce Corniche

Rolls Royce Corniche Drop head coupe 1979

Exterior: This car looks very nice! There are parts of the car that have been repainted over the years, but there are no signs of any corrosion. All the chrome and details on the outside of the car are in a fantastic condition. The Corniche looks very good in this particular color. The soft top is in good condition and keeps the water on the outside of the car, should there be a rainy day.

Interior: The inside is pure luxury like in most Rolls Royce motorcars. The chocolate brown leather makes a fantastic color contrast for the convertible roof and the outside of the car. All leather and all other details on the inside of the car are in a very good state! Lamb wool rugs and even all the wood panels are close to perfect. It is very nice and tidy on the inside and it is hard to believe that it is soon 40 years old. But then it has covered only just over 100,000km!

Mechanics: Starts right up and has a very healthy sound. The power from the 6,75l V8 is amazing. You touch the pedal and this very big car just takes off and feels light like a feather. The 3 step automatic gearbox shifts perfectly and the driving experience is exactly like you would expect from a Rolls Royce. It does not leave a drop of oil on the floor and has extensive service records from a renowned Rolls Royce workshop.

History: It was sold new in Illinois USA in 1979 and came to Sweden in July 1990. When it came to Sweden, it had 35,700 miles and since then the km/miles have been documented by every Technical Control document here in Sweden. There were only just over 3,000 cars like this produced. And considering the maintenance costs, many of these have deteriorated to a very bad condition. Here you have a close to perfect car!

If you are looking for a Rolls Royce Corniche, you have to come and see this one. This is the car for the smart buyer! 

Sonntag, 09 März 2014 14:30

Volvo Amazon 122 Kombi

For sale: Volvo 122 Amazon Kombi 1965

The Volvo 122 Amazon kombi was a car used by many carpenters and painters during the 60's and 70's here in Sweden. It was affordable to buy, could fit a lot of stuff in the back and it was a real workhorse! This is probably the reason why it is so hard to find a Volvo Amazon in good condition today.

Surprisingly for this car however, there has been only one user over the years and he took great care of his Amazon. But at the end it was left sitting for too long so the engine seized up, and for this reason the engine is now completely rebuilt with new pistons and bearings. It is very strong and has a great sound. All fluids in the car are new and so are all hoses, clamps, pipes etc in the engine room.

The brake system has new master cylinder, new brake hoses all around, new shoes and cylinders in the back. Calipers in the front have new seals and dust covers. New pads and pins. Rebuilt brake booster.

There was not much rust on the body since the car had received a rust protection treatment at a very early stage. The two front fenders appear original and only a small section in the rear wheel arches was replaced. It was then repainted in original graphite grey color. Rust protection underneath is still moist and healthy.

The bumpers received a new high quality chrome and all other shiny parts on the car are in very good condition.

On the inside, it is the original material on the seats and this still looks like new! Original rubber floor mats. And it has recently received a new headliner and new carpet in the back. All rubber parts and seals have been replaced on all doors, windows etc. New torpedo wall carpet.

The wheels were painted in the exactly right color that was original for the Volvo Amazon and then fitted with the correct tyre size. New springs and shocks.

There is an original Volvo radio on the dash. All in all this car is now probably one of the best Volvo Amazon 122 kombi cars in the market.


Donnerstag, 20 Februar 2014 19:07

Franklin Series 153 De Luxe Sedan

Franklin 1931 zu verkaufen

Die Franklin Automobile Company hergestellten Autos in Syracuse USA zwischen 1.902 bis 1.934 . Was war das Besondere an dieser Autos war, dass sie luftgekühlt ! Die Kraft wird von einem Sechszylinder-Motor mit 4,49 l mit 100 PS ausgeliefert.

Es wurden 1800 Fahrzeuge dieses Modells hergestellt und nur etwa 115 von ihnen sind heute noch da . Die Autos waren in der gleichen Liga wie Cadillac, Packard und Pierce -Arrow . Hier finden Sie viele Informationen zu diesen seltenen Autos auf der Franklin Clubs Website

Dieses Auto wurde vom jetzigen Besitzer in den USA gekauft und in Schweden im Jahr 2003 gebracht . Insgesamt ist dieses Auto ist in sehr gutem Zustand und es hatte eine volle Wiederherstellung im Jahr 1984 . Farbe zeigt ein wenig Patina an manchen Stellen , aber das Auto sieht immer noch erstaunlich. Alle Chromteileam Auto sind in perfektem Zustand.

Das Interieur ist in sehr gutem Zustand. Motor hatte einen kompletten Umbau und hat sich seit verwendet worden.

Einer der großen Dinge mit diesem Auto ist, dass das hintere Ende wurde wieder aufgebaut und ein Zahnrad mit höheren Verhältnis verwendet wurde. Dies macht das Reisen auf der Autobahn für den Motor weniger Stress und spart Benzin.

Franklin Autos waren für ein großes Spiel in der Steuer berüchtigt. Dies hat sich jedoch insbesondere Lenkgetriebe von einem Spezialisten in den USA mit teilweise sehr schwer oder gar nicht heute, um wieder aufgebaut.
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