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Ford Mustang 1965

Classic Ford Mustang for sale in Sweden

This nice Mustang recently had some major restoration work completed and it has not been used since. The list on what was done on the car can be made very long and here are the major things listed.

  • Overhauled 302 engine
  • Complete new interior
  • New fenders --- front and rear
    New gearbox
  • New rear axel
  • New tyres
    New bumpers and some other chrome details
  • The car was taken to the Technical Control here in Sweden in October 2011 and is now ready to go. It started life with a 289, but now has a 302 engine with a new Holley carburator. The car was painted in the original color tone, Wimbeldon white, and got a two-tone red/white interior. The cost for putting this car in the state it is today has exceeded what we are asking for it! All the work done to this car was carried out by professionals working with American cars.
Mittwoch, 26 September 2012 04:35

DeSoto Custom Sedan

For sale: DeSoto Custom Sedan 1947

This is one of those great big American cars! As big inside as most people's living room and just as comfy too! Enough chrome, imitation wood and cool gadgets on the dashboard to make you want to sit there all afternoon just looking. The inside feels extremely glamorous for a four door sedan car. The car is 100% original and is still in its first paint! It looks amazing two steps away, but if you look close, you will be able to see all those little stone chips and some small scratches at the lower part of the car. We believe the odometer has rolled over once, so it has covered just over 100,000km. 6 cylinder engine starts up easily and the Fluid Drive system means you have two manual gears and the third is like an overdrive when you let off the gas pedal. At the moment, the car is in need of brake work. In Sweden, there is no tax or inspection required for cars prior to 1950.

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