Hand built sports car with classic look

If you are looking for a sports car similar to a Morgan, this is something for you. Here, you have practically a brand new car, looking like a 50s sports car. The project started many years ago when two very clever and enthusiastic men wanted to build their own sports car. They set up a complete production line and named their cars Gordon.

Two cars were produced, but parts are available to build another 8 cars. The molds, drawings, name etc could be sold separately if anyone is interested.

The concept is very much like a Morgan, only a little bit better in my opinion. The Morgans have serious problems with rusting frames. (You may have seen the episode on Wheeler Dealers when Ed replaces the frame on a Morgan.) The Gordon has a fully galvanized frame making sure it will never rust. The power is delivered by a Rover 3,9l V8 and a 5 speed gearbox. The engine produces 250hp and gives this 1,010-kg car a very impressive performance.

It rides on an exclusive set of chrome spoke wheels, extra brake booster is fitted to make sure you can stop properly. This is still a brand new car! The total travel is no more than 3,100km from completion. The performance is impeccable and the car has been driven every summer since.

Please note that this is not some cheap kit car lookalike. This is a handcrafted vehicle where great attention has been taken to every single detail. And only the finest materials available have been used. Please look at the pictures and you see the beautiful leather upholstery with contrasting red seams. This is a chance to buy and drive a very unique car and you can be pretty sure that you will not meet another one driving down the road on a sunny day.

Additional Info

  • Fahrzeugtypen: Convertible
  • Leistung PS/KW: 250hp
  • Getriebe: 5 speed manual
  • Kilometerstand: 3100
  • Baujahr: 2004
  • Hergestellt in: Sweden
  • Preis in Skr: 449.000 offers invited
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