Auto e moto d'epoca in Padova

Auto e moto depoca in Padova Italy 2013

I have been coming to this show for many years now, and i am as excited every time i come to Padova Fiere. When i first came some 7 years ago i remember that the big difference from the classic car shows in Germany was that there was a lot of cars that where in original state! I mean they where just well maintained solid good cars without any makeup. I remember a Bizzarini that looked just like it came straight from the race track, with some scratches and dents showing that it had been used for what it was build for. Go fast! But it seems like the trend in Italy is going for more top restored cars.

But i guess that is what people wants to buy in Italy! Since there was an amazing amount of cars sold on the show. I am not exagurating when i think 50% of all the cars where sold during the show. I have never been to a classic car show where i have seen so many cars sold over one weekend. 

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