Great workshop for Brittish cars

If you are an owner of a Bentley, Rolls Royce, Jaguar, Rover, MG, Triumph

or any other Brittish car I would like to let know about this great workshop for your car. It is called English Car Care and is located in Löddeköpinge in the southern part of Sweden. They have customers coming from all over Sweden, Denmark and Norway to make sure they get the proper service for their beloved Brittish classic. However, also more modern cars can get help. I just saw them helping a customer with an Aston Martin from 2012, and they service a lot of the new style Mini Coopers.

They know the Rover models very well and can help you with anything from a simple service to replacing the headgasket or timing belt.

Steve Pike from U.K. has a long experience with Brittish cars both in his home country and in Sweden. On the floor you have also Don and Kenneth with lots of experience working with English cars.

English Car Care is a distributor of Castrol Classic products in Sweden so if you need any type of lubrication product, just give them a call. They also have great connections in U.K. for spareparts to most brands and keep a lot of parts on the shelf. Both new and used.

It is not easy today to find a workshop that can handle insurance claims/damages for classic cars but English Car Care can also help you with this. Below, is some pictures taken from their shop and as you can see they have cars from the very beginning of carmaking until today.

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