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Thursday, 19 September 2019 06:19

Porsche GT3 RS

Porsche GT3 RS 2007 for sale

Exterior: Very cool colour on this Porsche. The orange with black wheels and details makes it stand out and you understand this not any ordinary Porsche coming! The paint is original and very good. Just a few small stone chips. Also wheels and tyres are in excellent condition. The yellow brake callipers tell you that this car was equipped with ceramic disc brakes from new. Today it is using steel discs and the ceramic ones come along.

Interior: Well, what can I say? This is a car for the track or the very spirited driver. Once you have climbed in there, you sit very comfortably and the alcantara steering wheel feels very good in your hands.

Engine: Engine and gearbox runs perfectly.

History: Imported to Sweden by Porsche Center Syd. It changed hands a couple of times but mostly between dealers. Carfax report is available on request.

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Sunday, 21 April 2019 04:23

Porsche 928 GTS

Porsche 928 GTS for sale

The Porsche 928 GTS came about due to the rumours that they were going to ban cars with the engine in the back, such as the Porsche 911. And in 1978 the first series of 928 rolled of the production band. Over the years the cylinder volume went from 4,5 to 5,4 and the power from 230hp to 350hp.

Exterior: This car had a professional repaint in 2018 in the original colour zermattsilbermetallic. It has not been used afterwards and looks stunning. What makes this car stand out is the insanely cool colour combination with the purple interior. If it had black leather, I am sure it would look nice, but very boring, while now it uniquely stands out. The wheels have also been restored and fitted with new tyres. The car was never in a hot climate, so the bumpers are still in a very good shape.

Interior: As you can see in these pictures, the colour of the interior is purple. When I say purple interior, you are thinking, oh no! But when you see this car in real life, it looks truly amazing and the colours totally work together. The inside of the car is spectacular, the air-condition has just been serviced, everything is intact, and it has the net that goes over your cargo in the back, original tools, spare etc. This is an extremely well-kept classic Porsche and a wonderful luxury grand tourer.

Engine: Great power, normal sound also from gearbox and final drive. Engine had a complete rebuild by Porsche 20.000km ago costing around 14.000€ 

History: This Porsche 928 GTS was registered in Sweden for the first time in November 1997. It comes with all manuals, service book, touring pass and pretty much all Technical Inspection documents including receipts to show that the engine was completely rebuild  in year 2000 and has been driven less than 20,000km since. Timing belt and water pump were replaced in 2017. Everything can be verified with receipts. Also the entire instrument cluster was recently replaced. These are known to give 928 owners problems and are close to 3000 Euro to replace. In short there has been some very big investments in this car recently and it is now in a stunning condition and ready to be used. 

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Monday, 12 March 2018 05:20

Porsche 911 Carrera Convertible

Porsche 911 Carrera Convertible for sale.

Exterior: This car is mostly still in the first paint. This car was ordered in a special colour called (661) slate blue metallic. It is rolling on original 15” inch Fuchs wheels, and the soft top is in beautiful condition. All glass and rubber details are also in perfect condition.

Interior: Brown leather in very good condition. All equipment in the cockpit is in working order. This was the last year for manual soft top.

Engine: Starts right up and sounds very healthy. This car has hardly been used except for driving to the Technical Control office and some shorter drives over the last 20 years. So, it is today due for a service including fluids and looking over brakes.

History: A Swede bought this car in Germany and had directly shipped to California where he lived for many years. For this reason a free flow catalytic converter has been added to the exhaust system. Then when he moved back to Sweden in 2007, he brought the car with him and had it up until 2017.

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Wednesday, 25 October 2017 17:55

Porsche 911 Carrera

Porsche 911 Carrera 1985

Exterior: Repainted in the original colour “Marmorgrau” which makes a very nice contrast with the burgundy interior. Slightly lower springs give the car that little extra sporty look. All rubber and glass in perfect shape. Rolling on original wheels with good tyres.

Interior: Still looking like new inside! It is hard to believe the km reading when you look at the interior of this car. Very nice seats, carpets etc. One of the previous owners has fitted a roll cage so you will be safe if you want to take the car for some track days.

Engine: Very nice sound from the stainless steel exhaust. Great power and I get a very good feeling of the gearbox shifting nicely and smoothly.

History: Has all books and has been serviced and taken care of properly over the years. Present owner has had the car since 2004 and there were two previous owners before him. Taken through Technical Control here in Sweden 2016-10. Yes, it has over 250,000km but you will not believe it when you see and drive the car. 

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Michael Schiebler

Tel: +46707658904 

Sunday, 06 August 2017 18:00

Porsche 911 Carrera

Porsche Carrera 3,2 1988 Anniversary model for sale

In 1988 Porsche made 250,000 cars of the 911 model and decided an anniversary model and they made 875 of them in coupe, targa and convertible all painted in diamond blue metallic. 250 stayed in Germany, 300 went to USA and 325 cars for the rest of the world including 50 R.H.D to U.K.

Exterior: The diamond blue is a very special color that suits the 911 very well. The paint is still the original from factory and looks stunning. Wheels, rubber and glass are also in top condition. The car is riding just a little lower than original and has an adjustable suspension fitted.

Interior: The interior of an Anniversary car is much more luxurious with thicker carpets, dark blue metallic leather, also on door sides. Embroidered headrest is another anniversary detail. The general condition of this car inside is still like new. All original accessories such as tools, electric pump, jack, books etc. are with the car.

Engine: Starts right up with good oil pressure. Normal sound from gearbox and it shifts easily. Original G50 gearbox. Stainless steel exhaust gives the car a great sound! 

History: This car was sold new in Sweden and is fully documented when it comes to owners, service, and driven km. Has been featured in several Swedish magazines. In other words, this a rare opportunity you now have to buy a very special and collectable Porsche 911 with less than 100,000km on the clock! What are you waiting for?

Specifications: Locking differential 40%, front and rear spoiler, anti theft device, electric sunroof, shorter gear shifter, F. Porsche stitched headrest, painted wheel centers, F5F5 Silverblue met.

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Tuesday, 14 March 2017 12:15

Porsche 911 Carrera

Porsche 911 Carrera 3,2l for sale

Exterior: This car is still in its first paint and it is very close to perfect. It looks amazing in its Indish rot with the beige interior. All glass and rubber detail are still also perfect.

Interior: Beige leather that also still looks like new today. Clean carpets and beautiful instruments.

Engine: Starts right up with healthy sound and feels very strong. Engine was recently out of the car to replace some gaskets and seals. So it is now very dry. Regular maintenance has been carried out over the years despite the modest ammount of kilometres that has been driven.

History: This car was bought by a man from Sweden in California USA. He used the car there for the first year and then 1989 took it with him back home to Sweden. When it came to Sweden the tacho was replaced for one with km. Today the total travel of the car is just over 73.000km. The first tacho from USA is with the car so it is easy to verify the total travel. The second owner bought the car December 2003 and had it until he passes away recently. This is a very original car in absolute top condition. It is only original once!  

Monday, 28 November 2016 06:30

Porsche 928 S4

Porsche 928 S4 1987 manual gear for sale

The Porsche 928 S4 has become a popular youngtimer and this is one of the later and more powerful cars. Great Grand Touring with the five speed gearbox.

Exterior: Repainted in 2016 and today boasting with a perfect paint in a very nice color. Riding on new GT wheels with very good tires. Glass and rubber in very good condition.

Interior: Very nice leather interior. Showing a little wear on the driver's bucket seat which is normal for the km. All instruments and functions working normal. Original tools, spare, air compressor etc. with the car. New carpet in the back and working A.C.

Engine: Good sound from the V8. Recently replaced catalytic converters (free flow) for better sound. Smooth shifting 5 speed dogleg gearbox.

History: Sold new here in Sweden in 1987. Well-documented car with all original books and a big binder filled with receipts. Lots of work done recently, such as new timing belts, water pump, brakes including new rotors, pads etc. Also new clutch and pressure plate! 

Thursday, 18 August 2016 06:09

Porsche 968 Convertible

Porsche 968 Convertible for sale

The Porsche 968 was in production only between 1992-1995 and was the model that took over the popular 944 model. 3l and 4 cylinders gives this sleek looking sports car very smooth and usable power. Easy and relaxing for anyone to drive, but still gives you a good kick when revved due to the variable cam design Porsche used.

Exterior: You simply can not find a better color combination for a Porsche 968 Convertible! The fresh light blue on the outside is striking and makes such a great contrast to the dark blue soft top and convertible cover. Very rare with these Speedline Porsche wheels that are wider in the back. There is also a Porsche original windschott that will keep the wind away from your neck while cruising top down. All glass and rubber in good condition.

Interior: Great looking dark blue original leather/vinyl interior. Everything works and the AC unit has just been serviced.

Engine: Starts right up and gives a healthy sound. The six speed gearbox shifts super easily and makes you travel at high speeds at very low rpm. 

Monday, 25 July 2016 19:04

Porsche 964 Targa 1993

Porsche 964 Targa 1993 for sale

The production of the Porsche 964 model was from 1989 until 1994, so this is one of the later cars built. Today it is rare to find a low km well-kept Targa.

Exterior: Super finish on the very spectacular paint that really comes alive in the sunshine and that is when you lift off that targa roof that has just received new inner cloth. No dings or dents! Perfect wheels and good tires.

Interior: Very clean light grey leather. The only place you can see it has been used is on the gear shifter. New light grey carpet. Perfect dashboard and all instruments works like they should.

Engine: Starts right up with a healthy sound. Very smooth and easy to drive. Nice clean engine bay and this car has been serviced according to its schedule in the book, and has all the stamps.

History: Sold new in Switzerland and first registered on 1st of September 1993 and then bought by a German dealer that sold it to Sweden and it was registered here in April 2008 . It's had the same owner here since. Complete service history with books, invoices. All original tools, spare wheel etc. 

Sunday, 10 July 2016 08:17

Porsche 911 Turbo 1983

Porsche 911 Turbo 1983

A very original and unmolested Turbo that was sold new in Germany and came early to Sweden.

Exterior: Very nice original paint in original color Indisch rot. Original size wheels with new tyres in the back.

Interior: Original checkered flag pattern with beige. All in very good condition. Has A.C but it has not been in use for many years. Sunroof

Engine: Starts right up easily and has a very healthy sound. Has had regular maintenance over the years. Documented with receipts and service book. Recently serviced and inspected by Swedish technical control service. 

History: Sold new in Germany 1983 and came to Sweden in April 1986 and has covered 119.000km. Have original service book, owner's manual and tools. Lots of TUF documents to verify the km reading. 

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