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Friday, 13 September 2019 04:40

Lotus Elan S3 Convertible

Lotus Elan S3 Convertible 1967 for sale

Exterior: Personally, I love British Racing Green on any car, and I think it is very suitable for the Elan. The paint itself is in a very good condition or close to perfect. The black soft top that nobody ever uses is also in a good condition. The wheels have just been sandblasted, painted and received new chrome rings and lug nuts. Also fitted with new tyres in correct size.

Interior: Seats, carpets etc are all in a very good condition. There are a few cracks in the wood, otherwise everything inside the car looks very nice.

Engine: Engine has been serviced recently and the carburettors tuned by Local Lotus specialist. Clutch cylinder was just replaced, and the brakes just had a complete revision. Always start easily and runs perfectly. This car still has the original frame/chassis and it is in a very good condition.

History: This car came from U.K .already back in 1977 and was first registered in Sweden on the 16th of August 1977. The first owner in Sweden had the car for 30 years and then it has changed hands a couple of times. Comes with a binder where a lot of invoices, copies of Swedish MOT etc were collected over the years and a workshop manual.

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Tuesday, 10 October 2017 12:10

Lotus Elan Sprint 1971

Lotus Elan Sprint for sale

The Elan Sprint was the last version marketed, between 1971 and 1973, following the Series 1, 2, 3 and 4. Essentially, the Sprint was an up rated S4, fitted with a more powerful version of the Lotus twin cam engine. Though there are some who see the Sprint as a tuned S4, there is no doubt that Lotus intended it to be a separate version of the Elan (an “S5” in effect) and that it was marketed as such. The Sprint has become one of the more sought-after Elan types and they are relatively few in number.

Exterior: Most likely still in the first paint! There are some patches in some places where previous owners used some spray paint. Also some stars and small cracks in the paint. However, from 2 meters it looks great. Front windscreen is a little bit milky on the side and the rubber is old and dry.

Interior: 100% original in here and it still looks very nice! There are some very small cracks in the clearcoat on the wood but otherwise it looks amazing for an untouched original car. All instruments work as they should and everything else also works such as fan, lights etc.

Engine: The car was sitting for many years and that is the reason for the low mileage. Also, all fluids, the headgasket and the seals in the water pump have been replaced. The 4 speed gearbox is nice and tight. All brake hoses replaced, callipers rebuilt, and new brake cylinder, also clutch cylinder and hose. New stainless steel muffler, and new driveshafts (flexjoints). It starts easily and runs perfectly now.

History: The car was bought in U.K. in 1987, the recorded mileage then was 51,853 miles. It was then put on an airplane and flown to Stockholm, Sweden. There are inspection papers here in Sweden from almost every year and there has been only one owner of this car. Therefore, with certainty today the recorded millage is 60,820 miles! That is 97,400km only! With the car is a lot of interesting documentation such as the U.K. vehicle registration document in original. The plate number at the time was BH7 7BG and there are also original handbook, sales agreement, and MOT documents from both U.K. and Sweden. 


Interested? Contact me here

Michael Schiebler

Tel: +46707658904 

Wednesday, 11 March 2015 19:36

Lotus Elan SE S4 FHC

Lotus Elan SE S4 1970 for sale

In 1969 Mr Johansson from Sweden ordered his Lotus Elan Fixed head coupe SE at Lotus U.K. with sport tyres, airflow ventilation and heated rear window. It was first registered here in Sweden in April 1970 and used by first owner until July 1978 when it was passed on to his brother that is still the owner of the car today!
Over the years the car has received regular maintenance and a few upgrades. Original delivered with Stromberg carburetors and now with Webers. Modified head, cams and headers give today around 145hp. With original rubber flex joints, the car is still very easy to drive even in daily traffic. The body was recently repainted in 2015 and looks stunning! Most of the interior is original and is still in very good shape. Carpet and wood have been replaced. The original wood, original steel wheels and original steering wheel come with the car.

Here is some of the things done over the years.
1980 Rebuild of the engine with new pistons, new aluminium tank, change to head for Webers.
1999-2002 The car was completely overhauled, alla gaskets in the engine where replaced, also bearings and all other parts that wear. Received Cosworth L2 cams and the valves where reworked.

New original galvanized chassi, new windscreen and a lot of interior bits. New instrument facia and new Koni shocks. New wheels from U.K, and new Rotoflex rubber joints.

 The total travel is just over 140,000km and this car is fully documented both in terms of owners and maintenance. Everything works on this car and it is absolutely wonderful to drive.
This is a stunning Lotus Elan SE S4!


Important information

This car was repainted in original colour tone winter 2014/15. It was prepared by the owner accordingly to how one should prepare a fiberglass body for painting (with epoxy primer) unfortunately the painter was mistaken this for a normal primer and has sanded trough this in some areas. This have now caused some small bubbles to appear in the paint on the body only. Doors, hood, trunk are not affected. When it is warm and dry it is hardly noticeable and then it becomes more when are stored in cold damp environment. For this reason we have recently set the price down on this otherwise perfect car with 6000€! This to allow for a future paintjob when a new owner suits this is required. Also for the reason that we feel it is better to have the work done on home ground for a new owner, so one can oversee it is done 100% correct this time.

Please understand the 6000€ deduction have already been made in the price you see here.

Monday, 22 September 2014 10:47

Lotus Elan Sprint

Lotus Elan Sprint RHD 1971 for sale

This is an extremely correct Lotus Elan Sprint! It had a full restoration and has not been used much after that. Everything was put to original specifications or better. All mechanical work  was carried out by a well-known brand specialist here in Sweden. Stainless steel exhaust.

It was produced in April 1971 and sold to Hexagon dealers in London, and it came to Sweden in June 1987. Including dealers, it had 8 owners in Sweden and the last Technical Inspection was done here on 26th of August 2014.

One of the features that separate the Elan Sprint from the other Elans is the big valve engine with double weber carburetors. It produces approximately 20% more power than the S4.

You can read more about all of the other small features that are specific for the Elan Sprint on the following page.  http://www.lotuselansprint.com/index.asp?pageid=41823

The interior is new with N.O.S parts, the rollcage can be removed if one wishes to. It is today rolling on a new set of Panasport wheels but the original wheels are also with the car.

This is a very clean and tidy Lotus Elan Sprint that handles perfectly on the road. It is difficult to find a classic sportscar more fun to drive than this one! At the same time, I am sure it is a great investment. It is in superb color combination and is ready to go anywhere! If you have been thinking about buying a Lotus Elan Sprint, you must come and see this one!

Located in southern Sweden with easy access to Copenhagen airport and ferries to Germany. Will be happy to help you arrange shipping to anywhere in the word. 

In all there was only about 1300 Sprint cars built.

Saturday, 12 May 2012 10:09

Lotus Elan S3

Classic Lotus Elan S/E

Left hand drive car sold new in Sweden. Special equipment car with 115hp and knock off wheels original from factory. Engine had a complete overhoul by specialist and it has not been driven much (40-50km) since. Very nice upgrade with burgandy leather inside.
The car was repainted 7 years ago and at that time the dashboard was replaced and a new soft top was bought for the car.

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