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Wednesday, 07 August 2019 14:31

BMW 3.0 CSi

BMW E9 3.0 CSi 1974 for sale

The BMW E9 models with 3.0 CS, 3.0 CSi, 2800 CSi, 3.0 CSL and the very last 2.5 CS. All of these cars were built by Karmann between 1968-1975.

Exterior: This car has had a restoration recently (completed 2018) and looks absolutely stunning in the original fjord blue colour. The chrome and rubber details are all new. Doors, hood and trunk have a perfect fit to the car and shuts properly. Rolling on original BMW wheels with new Michelin tyres. The underneath of the car has been completely cleaned. The E9 problem areas have been corrected and the car has received a new thin undercoating identical to what these cars had from factory. All parts underneath the car has been sandblasted and then powder coated. All parts that wear, such as joints and bushings etc have been replaced for new parts. It looks as clean underneath as it does on top.

Interior: Dark blue cloth interior made in the exact specification as original. Carpets and headliner are also new. Wood has been refurbished and the other original parts such as dashboard, instruments etc are in very good original condition. Equipped with electric sunroof and a classic radio. This car has power windows front and rear.

Engine: The engine has been dismantled and checked for tolerances, worn parts have been replaced and the put back together with new gaskets etc.

History: First time in traffic here in Sweden 23rd of October 1973 and registered as year model 1974. The first owner had the car for 20 years and then it changed hands several times. In 1996 it did not pass technical control here in Sweden and was taken out of traffic. The restoration of the car was between 2016-2018 and it is now ready for a new life.

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Tuesday, 09 July 2019 04:45

Mercedes 230SL 1966

Mercedes 230 SL W113 Pagoda 1966 for sale

Exterior: Nice dark blue paint, good chrome. Older restoration that is still looking very nice. Dark blue soft top is just a few years old. Rolling on Vredestein classic tyres. Has a nice windschott that was made for a Pagoda. This makes a big difference when driving with the top down. There are not so many cars produced in this very nice dark blue colour. Comes with a dark blue hardtop in good condition. 

Interior: Still in the original M.B. tex and with a new carpet in original loop style fabric. The light grey inside makes a striking contrast to the dark blue exterior. Nice instruments all working. In the back, it has the little jump seat where one person can squeeze in and ride sideways (original Mercedes).

Engine: Looks and runs very nicely. In the car today is an original Mercedes exchange motor, and I cannot say when this was installed (Mercedes austauschmotor). Gearbox and final drive with normal sound and function.

History: This car was sold new in Sweden May 25th, 1966 and has been here in the same region its entire life. First owner had the car until 1984, then second 2001 and then third 2013 until today. It comes with spare parts manual. Swedish Inspection documents to support the km reading.

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Monday, 12 March 2018 05:20

Porsche 911 Carrera Convertible

Porsche 911 Carrera Convertible for sale.

Exterior: This car is mostly still in the first paint. This car was ordered in a special colour called (661) slate blue metallic. It is rolling on original 15” inch Fuchs wheels, and the soft top is in beautiful condition. All glass and rubber details are also in perfect condition.

Interior: Brown leather in very good condition. All equipment in the cockpit is in working order. This was the last year for manual soft top.

Engine: Starts right up and sounds very healthy. This car has hardly been used except for driving to the Technical Control office and some shorter drives over the last 20 years. So, it is today due for a service including fluids and looking over brakes.

History: A Swede bought this car in Germany and had directly shipped to California where he lived for many years. For this reason a free flow catalytic converter has been added to the exhaust system. Then when he moved back to Sweden in 2007, he brought the car with him and had it up until 2017.

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Sunday, 20 August 2017 17:48

Mercedes 190SL 1956

1956 Mercedes W121 190SL for sale

The 190SL came in many nice colours but silver with black leather must be the best combination for the model.

Exterior: Very nice paint with new chrome, new rubber all around. Perfect glass and rolling on a new set of white stripe tyres. New soft top in black. Tow bar if you want to bring your camper. As you can see, this is a very early car with the small tail lights.

Interior: Very nice new black leather with grey carpets. All instruments are working as they should and look very nice. Seats are nice and firm and the soft top clips on easily and still have a very nice stretch.

Engine: Starts easily and is showing a very good oil pressure. Normal sound from gearbox and final drive.

History: Sold new in Sweden back in 1956 and has been with the last owner since 1998. The restoration was completed in 2007 and it has not covered many kilometres since.

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Tuesday, 14 March 2017 20:47

GLAS 1300 GT

GLAS 1300 GT 1965 for sale

The Glas came in production the first time in 1964 and the bodies where design and built by the Italian coachmaker Frua and the shipped for assembly in Germany. In 1964 to 1967 Hans Glas GmbH produced just over 5000 cars like this. Most of these have been eaten by corrosion and any model of Glas is a rare sight on the streets today.

Exterior: No corrosion to be seen on this older paint. Good chrome details and glass and rubber is in good condition. The Frua design is the reason you buy this car! There is nothing out there on the road quite like it and it gets a lot of attention. For some reason a lot of ordinary people are guessing on Porsche!

Interior: Black vinyl interior that is most likely the original one. Since the Glas has a lot of chrome details inside it makes a great contrast towards the black. The interior has some patina, but all functions are there and nothing is broken.

Engine: The 1300cc Glas engine gives you around 75 happy horses! Starts easy and has a healthy sound. Shifting is very easy and makes fun going around town. On these pictures a single carburettor is fitted. But the original twin carburettor and intake manifold is along with the car.

History: Sold new in Sweden 9th of April 1965. Most likely it has travelled only 90.000km. I do not have documentation to support that, but there is indication the car has not been used much at all, and it was with the same owners since 1981. The original owner’s manual is present and some older inspection documents.

Friday, 24 February 2017 20:46

Mercedes 190 SL

Mercedes 190SL for sale

Exterior: Repainted once a long time ago. Paint has scratches and marks but no corrosion. New tyres withwhite stripe. Good chrome on this daily driver. Please not that underneath this car was rust protected on a very early stage underneath. There is no rust, and from what I can see the car has never been welded. Normally these cars are very rusty in the floor

Interior: All original vinyl interior with a new carpet. The soft top is still the original from 1957 and a little bit worn, but keeps the rain out.

Engine: Engine fires right up with a happy sound. Gears go in very easy and this car is a pleasure to drive.

History: 2 owners from new in the same family. The car was sold new here in Sweden. The km counter in the car stopped working a long time ago so there is no records of the total travel. This is a perfect car for you that want to get in to a 190SL for reasonable money and then upgrade the car little by little while you are driving. 

Friday, 17 July 2015 04:44

BMW 2000CS

BMW 2000CS for sale

Very original car that has been standing in a museum for 25 years. Full documentation and only 88,000km from new! Lots of service work done recently. New wheels and tyres. Ready to drive anywhere!

Saturday, 30 March 2013 13:25

Porsche 911 Carrera

Porsche 911 Carrera 1976 for sale

Not so many of these early Porsche Carrera cars are in original state. This one is still in its first paint! So, yes naturally when you look close you can see the wear on it but it still presents itself with honor and admiration.

Also, the inside is very original, only the steering wheel and a non-original stereo were fitted. Seat covers are original and on the driver's seat there is one seam that is coming loose (see picture) otherwise very nice carpets, panels and the backseat is like new.

There is a document showing it was in for rust protection in 1984. There is also an invoice that the gearbox was rebuilt. This car had the same owner for the last 27 years! And, he hardly drove the car. There was 2 prior owners in Sweden.

It was imported from Germany back in 1984. New tyres are fitted. The car still has the German Fahrzeugbrief and also has the Swedish registration. It went through the Technical Inspection in Sweden last time in 2009 and has not been used since.

Original handbooks and some documentation are with the car. Original tools and spare.

Thursday, 21 March 2013 19:18

Mercedes 230 SL

For sale: Mercedes 230 SL Pagoda

Wow! Have a look at this amazing Mercedes convertible! The previous owner had this car down to molecules back in 1987. And when I hear something like that I always get a little bit scared. And the reason for that, to be honest there is not that many people that can actually put a car like this back together and give it the feeling and touch it had when it came from the factory. However, this man has done a fabulous job. The only thing that gives it away is the interior where you can see a little bit of patina. Other than that it looks just like a brand new car! All panels have perfect fit, and it is a joy to drive. The car was not driven much (about 3500km)after the restoration and still looks and feels like new today. Also the engine and the fuelinjection pump was rebuild when the car was restored.

Monday, 18 March 2013 20:59

Mercedes 350SL

For sale: Mercedes SL 350 107

The model also known as the Dallas Mercedes in Sweden since driven by Bobby Ewing in the famous 80s show called Dallas. This car is in good condition, It had recently been looked over and some rust issues in the floor sections have been taken care of. After this, it was taken through a technical inspection here in Sweden with flying colors. It has been fitted with a stainless steel exhaust system to give it just a little sportier sound than normal.

The car has a four speed manual gearbox. The inside of the car is very nice and clean in the original vinyl. The car comes with a red hardtop and a black softtop in great condition. Wheels are very nice and clean and the tires are new.

You will find this car in Lomma Sweden. It is very close to Copenhagen airport. And only 10 minutes from the ferry to Lubeck.

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