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Wednesday, 07 August 2019 14:31

BMW 3.0 CSi

BMW E9 3.0 CSi 1974 for sale

The BMW E9 models with 3.0 CS, 3.0 CSi, 2800 CSi, 3.0 CSL and the very last 2.5 CS. All of these cars were built by Karmann between 1968-1975.

Exterior: This car has had a restoration recently (completed 2018) and looks absolutely stunning in the original fjord blue colour. The chrome and rubber details are all new. Doors, hood and trunk have a perfect fit to the car and shuts properly. Rolling on original BMW wheels with new Michelin tyres. The underneath of the car has been completely cleaned. The E9 problem areas have been corrected and the car has received a new thin undercoating identical to what these cars had from factory. All parts underneath the car has been sandblasted and then powder coated. All parts that wear, such as joints and bushings etc have been replaced for new parts. It looks as clean underneath as it does on top.

Interior: Dark blue cloth interior made in the exact specification as original. Carpets and headliner are also new. Wood has been refurbished and the other original parts such as dashboard, instruments etc are in very good original condition. Equipped with electric sunroof and a classic radio. This car has power windows front and rear.

Engine: The engine has been dismantled and checked for tolerances, worn parts have been replaced and the put back together with new gaskets etc.

History: First time in traffic here in Sweden 23rd of October 1973 and registered as year model 1974. The first owner had the car for 20 years and then it changed hands several times. In 1996 it did not pass technical control here in Sweden and was taken out of traffic. The restoration of the car was between 2016-2018 and it is now ready for a new life.

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Monday, 27 May 2019 12:37

BMW 3.0 CSi

BMW 3.0 CSi E9 1972 for sale


Tuesday, 14 May 2019 17:28

BMW 540i

BMW 540i E34 1994 for sale

Exterior: Very nice paint on this Daytona violet BMW 540. Original with M package. Rolling on a set of completely new tyres. Not every day you see such tidy example of the E34. The grey interior gives a great contrast to the outside colour.

Interior: Grey leather in perfect condition, the original black velvet headliner in perfect condition and so are all panels and switches. Original also is the very nice alcantara steering wheel. Original spare, jack and tools.

Engine: Runs perfectly and has just been serviced and fitted with new plugs and two new coils. Original with 6 speed manual gearbox to give you that sporty BMW driving experience.

History: Produced in 1994 and came already in 1995 to Sweden and the first owner in Sweden had the car until January 2010. Then, the second owner had the car until March 2019. Comes with a fully stamped service book, inspection papers and all other original books that came with the car.

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Wednesday, 01 May 2019 05:31

BMW 502 Super

BMW 502 Super with sunroof for sale 

Exterior: People today have a hard time believing that this is a BMW. It is a very rare car and the sweeping lines were never seen on another BMW after the 502. Nice paint and chrome. Rolling on white wall tyres that can be turned if you prefer them black. Big Webasto sunroof is a great feature. It gives you that convertible feeling without being too windy on those warm summer days. Time period correct antenna for the classic radio inside.

Interior: This is an original interior and it is in a fantastic condition for the age. Wood panels are showing a little age, nice carpets and as you can see, this car is floor shifted. It is rare and for me a plus. As you can see in the pictures, all the original tools are in the toolbox and this is very rare.

Engine: The big 3.2L V8 in a BMW 502 Super produce 140hp and makes you travel comfortably even at high speeds. The engine starts easily and gives a wonderful sound. Normal oil pressure and normal sound from gearbox and final drive.

History: This BMW 502 Super was sold new here in Sweden back in 1958. The present owner had the car since 1987 and it is very possible the km reading of 76,200 is correct.

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Thursday, 27 September 2018 14:29

Alpina B10 V8S Touring

Alpina B10 V8S Touring 2003 for sale

Alpina is a car maker based in Bavaria Germany that develops and sells high performance versions of BMW cars. Alpina is recognized as a car manufacturer and should not be confused with tuning companies. Alpina was founded already in 1965 by Burkhard Bovenspiesen.

Exterior: The paint on this car is as perfect as it could be on a car from 2003 and it has never been repainted. Every single detail on the outside of this car is perfect. I feel this is a very short description of this cars outside. But, this is a car that has lived a very sheltered life and always been pampered and babied like a little doll. Kept in the best possible storage environment to ensure a bright future on the car collectors’ market.

Interior: The grey leather is still stunning and in like new condition. Only on the inside handle of the driver’s door you can see small traces of that somebody has actually been driving this car. The plaque on the wall or in this case, in the roofline states the Alpina Heritage and that is car number 39 out of the 43 Alpina B10S Touring cars that were built. In the back, all the original accessories such as spare, jack and tools are in its place. All equipment inside the car has normal function.

Engine: The engine is the jewel of this car. It makes this big car feel light as a feather, and with 375hp it will embarrass even some of today's sports cars. Always maintained according to its service schedule.

History: Spent the first parts of its life as an Alpina show car and came to Sweden first in 2005 to the first private owner. Present owner had the car since 2011.

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Tuesday, 14 August 2018 05:42

BMW 635 M6

BMW 635 CSi M6 1986 for sale


Exterior: The paint and all details on the outside of this car is absolutely perfect and the car looks stunning. It was repainted in 2010 in the original Burgund rot metallic. This is a high quality paintjob on a car that never had any rust, and it still looks like new today. Original M-Technic body kit. All chrome, glass, rubber on the outside of the car is perfect. For me, the E24 cars from this era are the best looking. The car looks so good it won "Best In Show" at a BMW M meeting in Sweden.

Interior: Very nice cockpit in this BMW M6. Light green/grey leather with tan carpets. Everything inside the car is looking very nice and there is still the original Becker Mexico fitted. A lot of original extra equipment. Fully electrical seats, original AC, but it needs to be filled up with gas.

Engine: When you open the hood on this car, you will see that beautiful M6 or M88/3 engine and since this is a European born car from 1986, it was original without catalytic converter and gives you a full 286hp. The engine bay on this BMW M6 as you can see in the pictures is super clean. Normal maintenance work has been carried out over the years. It received a complete new head (around 210,000km) including cam shafts, valves and everything. At this point, the engine was completely disassembled and checked for tolerance and then put back in the car. In 2014, it received a new Supersprint exhaust system that gives it a wonderful sound to match the agile look. Gearbox, final drive and other technical components all have normal function and sound.

History: Börje Nordberg was a Swede working and living in Madrid Spain. And in 1986 he bought this BMW 635 CSi M6 there. He used it many times to drive back home to Sweden over the years and the second owner took over the car in 2010 and kept it until now. It has been registered and used here in Sweden since 2010 and it has lots of documentation that has been collected over the years. It has a set of original wheels and full toolbox, original books, jack and spare.

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Monday, 07 May 2018 19:51

BMW Z3 M Roadster

BMW Z3 M Roadster for sale

Exterior: Very nice looking in this Estoril blau colour. The car was repainted once and looks very good.

Interior: Showing very minor wear, nice and clean.

Motor: Well maintained over the years. Sounds wonderful with the Supersprint exhaust system. Shifts nice and smooth and feels very nice and firm on the road.

History: Imported from Germany back in 2004. Comes with all books, including a fully stamped service book. Also invoices for service work done collected over the years.

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Tuesday, 08 August 2017 13:35

BMW 850i 1991

BMW 850 CSi Coupe 1991 for sale

If you, like me, like BMW E9 3,0CSi, you probably also like the E24 BMW 635 CSi, and to continue up in the years, it would a BMW E31 850 that is on your mind perhaps. Just over 30,000 BMW 850 Coupes were produced and it is a very luxurious and very expensive car when it came out. If you are looking for cars that will be the future collector cars, my guess is that the 850 is one of them.

Exterior: Very nice paint on this car, bumpers were repainted recently. Rolling on a set of very nice Alpina wheels which I think suit the car perfectly. For being a 26 year old sports car, it still gets a lot of admiration coming through town.

Interior: Nice looking beige leather that is showing a little bit of wear but all in all very good. Has original tools books etc. Everything works in the car. A.C, seat heat, sunroof, electric windows etc.

Engine: The V12 starts right up with a very healthy sound and delivers smooth power all day long. Oil service was done recently. Has a little sharper note than original due to some sport mufflers in the back.

History: This BMW 850i was sold new here in Sweden 5th of June 1991. It has full service records with a total travel today of only 120,000km. The previous owner bought the car in 2008 and put it out of traffic in 2011. 

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Wednesday, 02 August 2017 11:03

BMW Isetta 300

BMW 300 Isetta Export model, three wheeler

The BMW Isetta was bought from Iso and it probably saved both BMW and Iso at the time. In Sweden, U.K. and Austria, they built a 3 wheel version for the reason that they could then be registered as a motorcycle and have much lower tax and insurance.

Exterior: Nice blue original colour. New chrome bumpers front and rear. New seal in the door.

Interior: Everything inside looks nice and the original seat covers from 1961 are still in the car and still in good condition!

Engine: Starts easily and works fine. 4 speed gearbox.

History: Built in U.K and sold new in Sweden. Has been sitting in collection for many years until recently when it was brought back on the road. Just replaced are the bumpers, seals, oil and filter, tyres, battery. Everything with the brakes was also replaced.

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Saturday, 17 June 2017 12:09

BMW 635CSi

BMW 635CSi E24 1983 for sale

Exterior: Very nice paint and most of the car is still in the first paint. Nice glass and rubber. Rolling on original BBS wheels with good tyres. Polaris silver with blue leather makes a great colour combination. Electric sunroof for those warm summer days.

Interior: Absolutely stunning blue leather in perfect condition. Very nice carpets, no cracks or marks anywhere, just a very well kept and clean interior. All instruments in working order and the cruise control works perfectly.

Engine: This is the 197hp unit and it runs very smoothly and has great power across the band while giving you a fantastic song from the back. Nice clean engine bay and all the fluids has recently been replaced. New exhaust system. Recent service with oil and filter.

History: The car was first registered here in Sweden in November 1982, but was first taken in to traffic 27th of July 1983. The first owner had the car until 1990 and it was then passed around to some dealers before it found its next owner that had the car until 2000, when the next private owner got the car and had it until recently when we bought it. Always well maintained and still has original service book, handbook, all original tools, jack and spare. This is a very original and well-kept BMW 635 CSi. It is a wonderful Grand Touring car and for this reason many of these cars has often has a lot of km. Here is a fairly low km example with a clean record and ready to drive anywhere. 

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