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Tuesday, 03 November 2015 05:05

De Lorean DMC 12

De Lorean DMC 12 for sale

Up for sale one the “Back To The Future” cars! I don't think there is any other car from the 80's that gets more attention from the public than this one. Leave it on the parking lot outside the mall and there is a ring of people around it when you come back!

This car has no dings or dents in the stainless body. All plastic and rubber trims are in very good condition.

It is a five speed manual car with grey leather inside. There is a working original cassette radio and a cruise control. Very low km!

Right now offered to a very competitive price! There are however a couple of small things that need attention on this De Lorean DMC 12 1982. 

Tuesday, 14 May 2013 20:02

DeLorean DMC 1982

For sale: DeLorean DMC 1982

This spacy looking car makes most people think of the Hollywood movies "Back To The Future". With its brushed stainless steel body, bigger tyres in the back and gullwing doors, it sure makes people stop and look when you are driving by. This car has black leather, an automatic gearbox, AC, power windows etc. During this winter, there has been some major work done to the car. Such as getting a set of new tyres, replacing all fluids, a full brake work including replacing the master cylinder. There are some traces of wear and tear on the interior, but all in all the car is in good shape. The car spend the first ten years in Saudi Arabia and we know the previous owner hardly ever drove it, and for this reason we believe the car has covered less than 30.000km!

DMC logos fitted on the car is for DeLorean Motor Compnay that managed to produce 9200 of these cars before going belly up. According to valuation guides, these cars have been keeping steady for a long time, but since last year price is definitely up and cars in theirs original state (not painted) and black leather are the most wanted DeLorean cars.


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